Control Devices

Control Devices

From manufacturing facilities to golf courses and baseball fields, Federal Signals control devices are equipped with alert capabilities to communicate in various environments.

Innovative Control Devices and Warning Systems

Federal Signal offers a diverse range of cutting-edge control devices designed for emergency and mass notification systems. Explore our collection of devices and emergency warning systems to find the right product for your desired environment. 

Commander® On-Premises Siren Control and Messaging System: 

The Siren Control and messaging system is a sophisticated solution for emergency vehicle communication. Compared to other control devices in a product line, the siren excels at:

  • Control of municipal, county and state siren systems
  • Control of Giant Voice systems
  • Control of Intelligent Systems

CommanderOne® Cloud Based Control and Messaging System:

Our cloud-based control devices include powerful and versatile siren and lights control systems that include:

  • Cloud-based Access from Any Computer or Mobile Device
  • AccuWeather Patented Map-based Weather Alerting and Polygon Activation Technology
  • Auto-Sync HotKey, Manual and Map-Based Activation

CommanderAssist, Mass Notification Dynamic Messaging Software:

No emergency situation is too complicated for our CommanderAssist. The powerful tool features:

  • Dynamic messaging with a series of decisions
  • Simplifies implementation of your Emergency Response Plan
  • 1-click activation screens with hotkeys

SS2000+ Series C Local Hardware Activation Point:

For an advanced stand-alone control unit, the SS200+ is the superior choice when it comes to control devices. The user-friendly controller features:

  • 24 command function hot keys with key-lock protection
  • 20 remote activation inputs
  • Dispatch console interface via URL

CommanderOne® LE Cloud-Based Control for One-Way Warning Systems:

When considering control devices and warning systems, speed, security, and convenience should be at the top of your list. That’s where the CommanderOne® LE comes in to outshine the competition with features that include: 

  • AccuWeather Patented Map-based Weather Alerting and Polygon Activation Technology
  • Auto-Sync HotKey, Manual and Map-Based Activation
  • Built-in Reporting Tools and Customizable Dashboards

FSIoT Solutions: 

Quickly upgrade from legacy radio technologies to secure cellular communications with Federal Signals' latest siren communication system - FSIoT Solutions. Key features from this family of products include: 

  • Easily add cellular communications to existing systems
  • Secure managed cloud service
  • Replace legacy LMR or add redundancy

Commander® P25 Compliant Warning System:

This fully compliant family of control devices and warning systems enables outdoor and indoor warning users to utilize their P25 land mobile radio system with the siren network. With the P25, users can look forward to:

  • Seamless connection to P25 trunked land mobile radio interfaces
  • Quickly and efficiently communicating with all remote controllers for all call and group activations
  • Reduction in radio traffic in a multi-site system

OMNI-B Series Broadband Antenna:

With a robust low-profile design that can withstand high winds and harsh weather conditions, the O    MNI-B control devices pack the power you need to operate at your best. Other features include:

  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant components
  • Lightweight, easy to ship and install
  • Compatible with AMB-P and AMB-W antenna mounts

MAC-01/MAC-02 Mobile Activation Case:

If you’re looking for emergency warning systems that enable you to activate outdoor warning systems using radio controls - the MAC-01/MAC-02 are quality products to consider. Some of the features include:

  • 30 Watt radio transceiver installed (VHF or UHF)
  • Federal Signal Modem-MSK universal transceiver
  • USB port and backup RS232 port for connecting to your laptop

Federal Signal designs the most reliable and durable control devices, so that you and your team can have a secure environment to thrive in. If you have questions about our emergency warning systems, reach out to a sales representative who can point you in the right direction.