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The most common issue is a “flag adapter” that is incorrectly plugged into the radio DB9 port P1. The “serial adapter” should be plugged into the computer and the telephone cable should be plugged into the lower telephone port JP7. The flash adapter is only used to update the hex code (similar to bios). The second most common issue is trying to program new boards with old software or vice versa.

Have your RMA number ready and call the appropriate department:

Police, Fire/EMS and Work Truck - 1-800-433-9132 or 1-708-534-3400
Warning, Mass Notification, and Security Systems - 800-548-7229.

First, be sure you have received an RMA # by calling our Customer Care Center at 800-548-7229. Once you receive a faxed confirmation of your RMA, ship your repair UPS Red, and we will return it UPS Red. Request a rush. The following will cause a delay in processing your return: no RMA, RMA form is incomplete, the repair was sent to the factory instead of the instructed location.

The shipping policy is as follows:

  1. If the shipment is signed for by the recipient and found to be damaged, then the recipient is responsible for placing a claim with the shipping company.
  2. If the shipment is refused by the recipient due to damage, then Federal Signal is responsible for placing a claim with the shipping company

All phone calls and actions are logged into our database. This database is very detailed, and is used to identify issues and improve processes. Common issues and questions will be put on the web. The Customer Care Center will create quality issue reports and engineering change requests when necessary. When a proposed solution is not satisfactory, we generate a customer issue report.

Our Contact Directory can direct you to the department you are looking for, or you can send us an email using the following Contact Us Form.

Contact one of our Customer Support Representatives at 708-534-4756 to obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and additional return instructions.

You can find our full warranty on the SSG Warranty page

The TM33 is capable of storing one message. Any tone or message from the Selectone library (see 'Where can I download a sound file?') can be recorded to the TM33.

Sound files are available for most audible products. To hear an audio file, click an icon in the Sound Files section on the product's Description tab.

Three libraries of sound files available for download: Sound File Index, Selectone Library and UTM Library. These libraries can be found in the Technical Support section of our website. Click Technical Support from the main menu bar and select the library you wish to view from the drop down menu.

The Federal Signal representative that covers your area can direct you a distributor close to you. Visit our Where to Buy page in the Contact Us section for contact information.

See our Where to Buy for your local Federal Signal representative.

Information on replacement bulbs and lamps can be found in the service parts listing on the 'Parts' tab in the catalog section of our website or in the service parts listing in the product's instruction manual.

Also refer to the "Strobe Tube and Lamp Identification" chart on our website. From the main menu bar choose Technical Support, then click Technical Documents from the drop down menu.

A list of recommended service parts can be found on the 'Parts' tabs in the Catalog section of our website. Also refer to the instruction manual shipped with your product.

These diagrams can be found in the instruction manual shipped with your product or downloaded from the Resource Library on our website.

Instruction manuals are available for download from our website from either the Resource Library or each product page has all the manuals pertaining to that product listed under resources, near the bottom of the page.