PAGASYS® Gen II Digital Public Address and General Alarm Systems with Networked Options

PAGASYS® Gen II Digital Public Address and General Alarm Systems with Networked Options

  • PAGASYS Gen II system manager provides real-time system status, including event logs, system activity, broadcast status, impedance speaker monitoring, fan management and amplifier thermal status
  • PAGASYS Gen II controller and amplifiers support multi-voice audio, driving up to 6 voices concurrently to up to 128 zones, with DSP-based Audio
  • PAGASYS Gen II supports Intelligent Speaker Monitoring and Tapping (ISMT)
  • Fully configurable broadcast priority
  • Front rack access for ease of maintenance
  • Native PABX interface in the system controller

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  • Alarm audio “ducking” for clear voice communication
  • PAGASYS Gen II Dante® networked audio solution provides synchronized, low latency audio using standard Ethernet switches
  • Network connectivity allows PAGASYS Gen II system controllers interface with Global Access Panels (GAPs) for alarm initiation and live voice broadcast through Ethernet
  • Up to 32 speakers per speaker loop (with ISMT)
  • A single controller can support up to 32 1200W amplifier chassis
  • Up to 128 zones
  • Up to 32 external audio inputs
  • Up to 128 recorded messages
  • Up to 128 peripheral devices
  • Native support redundancy A-B
  • IP communication with Dante® audio between PAGASYS Gen II controllers and Global Access Panels (GAPs)
  • DNV Type Approved and CE Certified as a Public Address and General Alarm System, using the standards DNVGL-CG-0339, the relevant parts of IEC60945 Ed. 4 for protected equipment, and EN 61000-3-2:2006, EN 61000-3-3:1995, EN 55103-2:2009

PAGASYS®  Gen II is a robust public address and general alarm platform for use in a variety of environments. The NEW PAGASYS Gen II will take technology to the next level by offering a user-friendly, comprehensive, real-time system manager interface and a front-access design. 

Upgraded NEW Features, in addition to providing the same legacy features,the Federal Signal PAGASYS is known for, the PAGASYS Gen II system includes multi-voice audio routing (6 voices), alarm audio “ducking” for clear voice communication, and integrated digital signal processing. Standard configurations and front access to the system hardware lead to reduced complexity and ease of maintenance. 

PAGASYS Gen II allows a user to manage system operation from the centralized system manager with extensive software field diagnostics for system hardware, ISMT speakers, and beacon monitoring; as well as other aspects of the system.

PAGASYS Gen II has been redesigned to utilize innovative technology, while reducing cost of the system at purchase and maintenance. A high-performance processor and memory solution, along with integrated digital signal processing (DSP), supports up to 32 amplifier chassis (38400 Watts of audio power) per processor and monitors and drives an extensive network of speakers, beacons, and other safety equipment and peripherals.

The networked audio solution supports redundant mission critical system requirements and can be used with ATEX certified hazardous location access panels. The PAGASYS Gen II networked solution can be configured with complex zoning schemes to be easily scalable to support future system expansion. 

Federal Signal has transitioned from a supplier of PAGASYS Gen II racks to a PAGASYS Gen II kit only supplier in July of 2020. Customer orders requested prior to the transition date will still be completed by Federal Signal per customer sales order. 

Federal Signal provides kits for PAGASYS Gen II equipment and can provide the end user with the knowledge to complete the system build using their own design or using Federal Signal PA/GA design solution. Federal Signal is offering an online configurator to allow users to select the kits that they will need to build out their PAGASYS Gen II systems. This configurator allows users to select networked or non-networked PAGASYS Gen II systems, and service parts. See the PAGASYS Gen II Kit datasheet for more information on the kits offered in the PAGASYS Gen II configurator.