LED Emergency Light for First Responders & Other Vehicles

An LED emergency light is critical to enhancing the visibility of emergency vehicles and ensuring the safety of first responders and the public alike. Emergency visor lights are essential equipment used not only as police car lights, but on other emergency vehicles, undercover vehicles, admin vehicles, and more. 

Federal Signal offers a variety of interior emergency lights, from emergency visor lights to interior light bars to deck lights and grille lights. When choosing interior emergency lights, it’s important to find the correct LED emergency light for your purposes.

Compare all Interior Mount Lights

An LED emergency light is powered by your vehicle’s electrical system. It’s important to know the power requirements of these first responder lights to determine if your vehicle’s electrical system can support the lights without draining your car’s battery. While some interior emergency visor lights feature plug-and-play installation, others may require additional wiring to integrate with your vehicle’s electrical system properly.

  • Capabilities. It’s important to consider any regulations or requirements regarding where an LED emergency light should be mounted in your vehicle. Additionally, determine whether it’s important that the LED emergency light can operate remotely as well as control options, such as flash patterns, brightness, and synchronization with other lights. Other capabilities that you may find essential include a multifunction LED emergency light that can be used for takedowns, as work lights, flood lights, or for directional lighting purposes.
  • Optical performance. Optical performance criteria to consider include brightness (luminous intensity), color, uniform and consistent illumination, flash pattern capabilities, wide-angle optics, synchronization capabilities, adjustability, and durability.
  • Colors and patterns. Color and pattern options are also a consideration. Some LED emergency lights come equipped with as many as 25 flash patterns and 10 different color modes.
  • Ease of installation and programming. Plug-and-play installation and programming make operations of your LED emergency light or emergency visor lights both easier and more affordable. Adjustable mounting options allow you to position the lights within your vehicle for optimal performance.

Federal Signal offers a complete line of interior emergency lights to meet your needs. Featuring multi-functionality, variable flash patterns and color options, synchronization capabilities, and more, our reliable, weather-resistant LED emergency lights are ideal for any first responder’s needs and those of other emergency vehicles and work trucks. Browse our line of interior emergency lights for your fleet today or call us at 800-446-6809. Our expert technicians will be happy to assist you in choosing the interior emergency lights to suit all your requirements.