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Combined with a light bar, our police sirens and siren speakers grab the attention of drivers to clear the path for the police car to arrive safely at the scene. Check out the police car siren product pages to hear the police siren sounds. 

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Police Sirens: Buyer’s Guide

If you’re purchasing police sirens for your department, there are several factors to consider before choosing the police car siren system that meets your needs:

  • Legal requirements. Local, state, and federal laws and regulations may have police siren requirements for emergency vehicles. Typically, these involve specific sounds and output levels of police sirens.
  • Police car siren sound output levels. In addition to meeting legal requirements, the police sirens you choose should be loud and clear enough to alert drivers and pedestrians to the approach of first responders to the scene of an emergency. 
  • Siren tones. Determine what type of tones you require depending on various situations. Police sirens can offer multiple siren tones, including a wail, yelp, or air horn.
  • Police speakers. Maximize sound projection with siren speakers that are the correct type and size for your vehicles.
  • Voice Messages. If you need to communicate messages to the public during the course of an emergency, you’ll want to choose police sirens that include a public address (PA) system.
  • Weather resistance. If your police car siren speakers are going to face harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture, dust, or temperature extremes, you’ll want to make sure they are weather-resistant and durable.
  • Installation. Whether installing yourself or having your system professionally installed, you’ll want to be sure that your police sirens and police speakers are compatible with your vehicles and electrical systems.
  • Warranty. Choose police siren systems from reputable manufacturers that offer warranties.
  • Budgetary considerations. Prices for police car sirens and siren speakers can vary. Factor in which features are critical to your department to determine your budget and shop accordingly.
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Need Help Choosing the Right Police Sirens & Siren Speakers?
Consult with the experts at Federal Signal. We offer a wide selection of police sirens and police speakers just right for your department. Featuring multi-functionality, PA systems, remote options, various siren tones, easy installation, affordable pricing, and more, we’ve got the reliable police car sirens and siren speakers your first responders require. 

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