Commander® P25 Compliant Warning System

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Federal Signal offers a Warning System that is fully compliant with P25 two-way communication systems. By utilizing this technology, users can eliminate the cost to maintain a legacy communications system or additional 3rd party hardware to become compatible with a P25 network, enabling Federal Signal Outdoor/Indoor Warning users to utilize their P25 Land Mobile Radio system with the siren network.

Control Point computers hosting the Commander software can now connect to a P25 trunked land mobile radio interface via an Ethernet connection. Control points utilize a broadcast functionality to quickly and efficiently communicate with all remote controllers for All Call and Group activations. IP unicast to individual remote sites is used for individual activation and polling requests to minimize radio traffic in a multi-site system. 

For customers that need P25 direct mode communication with remote siren site controllers, Commander software is USB plug-and-play compatible to P25 capable radios, enabling direct radio to radio communications without the need for trunking infrastructure.