CommanderOne® Lightning Alerting

CommanderOne® Lightning Alerting

  • Allows user to place lightning points and desired radius
  • Snooze Interval defines time to pause notifications to avoid over alerting
  • Do Not Disturb offer the ability for users to choose what times to not receive alerts

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Federal Signal’s Lightning Alerting is an addition to our flagship CommanderOne® siren activation and monitoring system. This feature is ideal to alert industrial or chemical plants, outdoor recreational areas, parks, and campuses where lightning is a threat to employees and communities.

Lightning Alerting extends the weather capabilities of CommanderOne by allowing users to define a Lightning Point, choose up to 2 radii, and customize the emergency communication within each radius. When lightning is detected within a radius, you can quickly activate emergency communications such as outdoor sirens, email notifications, and text messages for each radius. 

Included in Lightning Alerting feature is (DND) Do Not Disturb and Snooze Intervals. The DND features allow the user to set times in which alerts will not be activated when the plant is closed. The user can also set up Snooze Intervals within the app which will allow you to pause notifications to avoid over alerting.

Users can also specify an All Clear action. All Clear is used to end events by sending out messages, tones, or turning off any visual signals. Use all clear to let users know that lightning has not occurred for a specified time and it is safe to resume activities.


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Ordering Info

Model Types
COMMANDER1-L-POINTEach CommanderOne Lightning Point
COMMANDER1-M500 messages per month
COMMANDER1-PORTAL10K 10,000 messages per month with self management