The Commander siren control system offers both secure activation and status monitoring of any alert and notification system. From Giant Voice to Mechanical and Intelligent siren systems, Commander is designed to control, monitor, and link your warning system.

Federal Commander continues to evolve to meet the challenging demands of customers throughout the world to provide a system unmatched in its features and ease of use. From controlling 1 siren to 511, the system can expand to accommodate your changing needs. Federal Commander provides an easy to use hotkey activation screen. Administrators can program 30 hotkeys to activate all sirens, sirens in zones, or individual sirens. Hotkeys can be color coded and grouped. Each hotkey can also be programmed to include a text, email, or voice message sent to first responders, citizens or the media to alert them on the situation. In this way a single hotkey can activate sirens and send informational messages simultaneously. Predefined alerts can also be sent from the activation  screen without activating the sirens.


CCU Minimum Requirements One Gigabyte or more of Random Access Memory (RAM)
Two spare PCI BUS ports
160GB Hard Disk Drive or larger
SVGA Color Monitor and Controller. (800 x 600 resolution minimum, 24 bit color recommended)
CD RD-W Drive
101-key Enhanced Keyboard
One Parallel Printer Port - LPT1
One RS-232 Serial Port
Mouse pointing device
Dot Matrix Printer 24-Pin with Parallel Interface and cable
Phone Line (Required for voice call out and remote dial-in features)
AC surge suppression device
Windows® 7, 10 Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2
Optional Requirements Printer
UPS (provides CCU back-up in case of primary AC failure)


St Paul MN Upgrades to Next Generation Emergency Warning System (3:18)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SFCD10 Federal Commander two-way status monitoring software, 10 site license 782979702252
SFCD25 Federal Commander two-way status monitoring software, 11-25 site license 782979702269
SFCD255 Windows® application software for up to 255 sites
SFCD512 Windows® application software for up to 511 sites
Product # Description UPC
SFCD-W10 Warranty, up to 10 users 782979702481
SFCD-W25 Warranty, up to 25 users 782979702498
SFCD-W255 Warranty, up to 255 users 782979702504
SFCD-W512 Warranty, up to 512 users 782979702511
SFCDUPI Upgrade from 10 to 25 sites 782979702436
SFCDUPII Upgrade from 25 to 255 sites 782979702443
SFCDCLNT TCP/IP client software, 5 seats 782979702320
SFCDCLNT-W Client Software, extended one-year warranty N/A
MODEM-MSK Modem 782979701385
SFCD-MODEM 56K PCI modem for phone dial out feature 782979702399
X-PC-22 Desktop with Windows® 7, 22" flat screen monitor 782979703167
X-UPS 120V Universal Power Supply 782979703310