FSIoT Solutions

FSIoT Solutions

  • Easily add cellular communications to existing systems
  • Secure managed cloud service
  • Replace legacy LMR or add redundancy

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Federal Signal has created a new option for siren communication with the FSIoT Solutions family of products. These devices allow easy connection to the Federal Signal managed cellular IoT network allowing you to quickly upgrade from legacy radio technologies to secure cellular communications.

The FSIoT gateway and siren communication kits connect to our managed cloud eliminating the need to purchase a data plan from a provider, procure SIM cards, and manage network access and security. The devices are configured before shipment and are ready to go as soon as they are taken out of the box.

FSMODEM-CELLBASE allows you to easily add cellular connectivity to a base station with USB or serial connection and our Commander® On-Premise Siren Control and Messaging System. The modem then connects to the Federal System IoT network via a cellular antenna or alternatively can be plugged into an existing Ethernet network in the case that antenna runs are too long or impractical. FSMODEM-CELLBASE can also be used with the SS2000+ Series C local activation point in place of a conventional LMR radio.

The FCT and FC Kits allow for easy retrofit of existing Federal Signal FC and FCT siren controllers. These kits allow users to switch away from legacy LMR solutions or add secure cellular communications as a secondary communication channel, enhancing redundancy.

Ordering Info

Model Types
FSMODEM-CELLBASEFSIoT Gateway Modem for Base Station/SS2000+
CP-FS1FSIoT data plan one year (per device charge)
CP-FSSETUPFSIoT account setup (one time charge)
Q20000544CRTU modem service part
CELL-ANT1Omni antenna Kit with 15' cable and pole mounting bracket