CommanderAssist, Mass Notification Dynamic Messaging Software

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CommanderAssist, Mass Notification Dynamic Messaging Software


  • Dynamic Messaging with a series of decisions
  • Simplifies implementation of your Emergency Response Plan
  • 1-click activation screens with hotkeys

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CommanderAssist® is designed to take a complicated emergency situation and make it simple to manage. CommanderAssist expands Federal Signal Commander On-Premise Siren Control and Messaging System to a customized scenario-based interface.
Federal Signal works with you and your staff to create a custom menu to guide the user thru incident-based decisions. Messages are pre-recorded in precise segments such as “Fire In” and “Admin Area”; and the custom menu guides the user thru pre-determined areas, such as plant areas or counties to deliver a clear, consistent alert.
In combination with a voice-capable speaker, CommanderAssist becomes a powerful tool in your emergency plan. Pre-recorded messages and tones are deployed over Giant Voice speaker systems including Federal Signal’s  Modulator siren, Informer tone-alert devices, indoor speakers, and handheld plant radios for mass notification.  Messages can also be delivered over via e-mail and text messaging.