PBX Series Push Bumpers

PBX Series Push Bumpers

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Center cross plate and uprights are pre-drilled for mounting extra lights and speakers
  • Pre-drilled uprights for adding PIT bars
  • Heavy duty 4-gauge steel uprights
  • 14-Gauge steel top channels
  • 7-Gauge HRPO steel PIT bars
  • (3) Top-channel options
  • Wire cover options for select push bumpers
  • Includes Black stainless steel hardware used on all visible fasteners
  • Available for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility, Ford F-150, Dodge Charger Pursuit, and Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Does not interfere with SRS airbag system
  • E-coated / Black powder coat for bumpers, top channels, PIT bars and wing wraps
  • Mount kit and hardware included
  • Three-year warranty

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Extremely Strong Design
The PBX Series is designed with maximum safety in mind, and it offers customization for your specific needs while providing the best strength, durability, and protection. All components of the series are manufactured with heavy-duty HRPO steel and engineered to provide extra protection to the grille, front end, and police officer.

Easy Installation and Customization
No drilling is required, making installation quick and easy. There are pre-drilled uprights and center cross plate for adding an optional PIT bar and mounting extra lights or speakers on the push bumper. Three top channel options further allow the customer to choose how to customize the vehicle.

Push Bumper
The push bumper is made of heavy-duty 4-gauge steel uprights, with (2) 3/4-inch wide rubber strips and a lower tube, to provide extra protection and strength. Uprights are pre-drilled for the addition of PIT Bars, and the extra wide 4-5/8-inch pre-drilled center cross-plate offers options for the top-mounting of LED lights or speakers.

All exposed fasteners are black-plated stainless for protection against rust. The PBX Series push bumper designs are vehicle-specific for a clean, finished look.

Top Channel Options
PBX Series offers three top-channel options:

  • Plain top channel
  • 2-light top channel, for use with two MicroPulse® Ultra 6 lights sold separately
  • 4-light top channel, for use with four MicroPulse Ultra 6 lights sold separately

PIT Bar Options
PIT Bars are made of heavy-duty 7-gauge steel horizontal bars and feature (2) 2-3/4-inch wide rubber strips with plastic end caps for a clean finished look. PBX Series PIT Bars are designed to bolt directly to a PBX Series push bumper for the best PIT maneuver possible.

Wing Wrap Option
The wing wrap option offers additional protection to the front end and headlight protection. The wing wraps are made from 14-gauge steel that is treated with powder coating/e-coating for protection against rust. The wing wraps get bolted directly to the push bumper and the PIT bar option. This allows for a clean and easier installation.

Wire Cover Option
Wire Covers for Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Tahoe and Ford Police Interceptor Utility Push Bumpers are now available.


Specifications varies - see data sheet


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Ordering Info

Model Types
PBX03Push bumper, Dodge Charger Pursuit 2015-2022
PBX06Push bumper, Ford F-150, 2015-2020
PBX07Ford Police Interceptor Utility, 2020-2021
PBX08Chevrolet Tahoe, 2021-2022
PBX-TCP-1Plain top-channel for Ford Police Interceptor Utility, and Dodge Charger Pursuit bumpers
PBX-TCP-2Plain top-channel for Chevy Tahoe and F-150 bumpers
PBX-TC2L-3Two-Light top-channel for Ford Police Interceptor Utility, and Dodge Charger Pursuit bumpers, use with MPS6U lights
PBX-TC2L-4Two-Light top-channel for Chevy Tahoe and Ford F-150 bumpers, use with MPS6U lights*
PBX-TC4L-3Four-Light top-channel forFord Police Interceptor Utility, and Dodge Charger Pursuit bumpers use with MPS6U lights*
PBX-TC4L-4Four-Light top-channel for Chevy Tahoe and Ford F-150 bumpers, use with MPS6U lights*
PBX-PIT03PIT Bars for use with PBX03
PBX-PIT07PIT bars for use with PBX07
PBX-PIT08PIT bars for use with PBX08
PBXW-TAH21Wing Wrap for Chevrolet Tahoe, 2021-2022
PBXW-CHGR15*Wing Wrap for Dodge Charger, 2015-2022
PBXW-FPIU20Wing Wrap for Ford Utility, 2020-2022
PBXW-FRD15Wing Wrap for Ford F-150 Responder, 2015-2020
PBX-WC03Wire Covers for use with PBX03
PBX-WC07Wire Covers for use with PBX07
PBX-WC08Wire Covers for use with PBX08
PBX-SRVKIT1Rubber Molding Kit