The Federal Signal UltraVoice® controller combines micro-processor based system control with highly efficient amplifiers to deliver optimized tones and voice capability for electronic sirens. The UltraVoice controller can generate and amplify single or dual frequency warning tones and comes with seven pre-set warning signals. In addition, the controller has been designed specifically to reproduce high quality live or pre-recorded-voice capability.

The controller includes a NEMA 4X cabinet housing the control module, up to eight 400 watt amplifiers, and a NEMA 3R battery cabinet. The unit may be equipped with a plug-in programmable receiver module, utilizing DTMF or two-tone sequential activation protocols. A digital voice option can be added by plugging in a single mini SD card which can store up to 250 messages.

Two-way Status System

The UltraVoice Controller can also be a two-way communication system. A transceiver allows the unit to report status back to a central control point utilizing DTMF or the Commander Software System protocol. Two transceiver ports are available for radio repeating or when using multiple frequencies.

The two-way option provides information on the following conditions: 

  • AC power
  • Battery voltage
  • Charger operation
  • Activation current
  • Amplifier voltage and current
  • Quiet test (Speakers & Amps)
  • Signal A
  • Signal B
  • Mode of operation
  • Intrusion
  • Local activation
  • SD card status


Operating Temperature** -22°F to 149°F (-30°C to 65°C)
Input Voltage 120 or 240VAC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz Single-phase
Battery Input Voltage 24 Volts (nom.)
Operating Voltage 24VDC
Standby Time Greater than 7 days
Control Module
Signal duration (auto reset) 3 minute standard
Microphone Input Impedance 10K Ohms
Audio Distortion 1% THD max,
Maximum Load 600 Ohms
Microphone Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Audio Distortion 1% THD max.
Contact Closure (min) 500ms < 2k Ohms
Amplifier Module
Frequency Response: (300 to 3kHz) ±3dB (ref. 1kHz)
Output Voltage (Tone and PA): (to speaker drivers) 70 Vrms (nom.)
Input Impedance: (per amplifier) 100Ohms
Conteol Cabinet Type 4 or 4X
Battery Cabinet Type 4 (vented)
** The siren can operate throughout this temperature range provided the battery temperature is maintained at 0°F/-18°C or higher.

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
UV Controller, one-way 782979213246
UVH Siren control, one-way, VHF high band 782979702764
UVU Siren control, one-way, UHF band 782979702993
UVTD Controller, two-way digital with radio control options 782979702924
UVTDH Siren control, two-way digital, VHF (136-174) 782979702948
UVTDU Siren control, two-way digital, UHF (403-470) 782979702979
UVTD-IP Controller, IP enabled 782979702955
UVTD-LL Controller, landline 782979702962
Product # Description UPC
DVSD Digital voice mini SD card, 250 messages, 17 hours 782979700814
FSPWARE Windows® programming software (Two-tone & DTMF) 78297970500
FS-PL1 Tone coded and digital coded squelch decoder 78297970499
UV400 Amplifier, 400 watt 782979702733
TB-LL Telco base, landline 782979702672
ES-PROG-DTMF Two-way DTMF programming 78297970498
UVTR 210-264 VAC Transformer/Rectifier
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
DC-to-DC Converter PCB Q2005173E
UV+ Controller PCB Q2005698C
200A Fuse Q148A147A
24VDC Charger 120816C-KIT