PVS240W-24 and PVS240W-48 Solar Power Option for Outdoor Sirens

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  • Enables remote / unwired deployment of sirens
  • Solar power provides continuous charging of batteries
  • Radio connectivity for two-way activation and control
  • Eliminates expensive trenching of power to remote sites
  • Supports mechanical or electronic sirens
  • Allows 25 to 60º of tilt for solar optimization
  • 24 or 48VDC operation
  • Wind loads up to 170 mph


The Federal Signal Solar option provides an all inclusive solar powering option for all outdoor sirens. Solar powering of batteries is an efficient and economical method of powering remote sirens, alerting or control equipment. Solar powering can be engineered for any application. Applications include, but are not limited to, remote tsunami sirens, muster stations and tornado sirens. The PVS240W-24 and PVS240W-48 provide 240W of power for charging of batteries in 24 or 48VDC applications. Both systems are equipped with solar regulators for accurate control, protection and monitoring of the solar panels. Both kits utilize four 60W highly efficient solar panels, each with junction boxes to allow ease of wiring. The mounting hardware is aluminum for light weight and high strength, able to withstand wind loads up to 170 mph. Thirty feet (30’) of cable is provided to allow wiring from the panels  to the battery cabinet. The solar regulators support gel, sealed or flooded batteries with temperature compensation to extend battery life and improve system performance. Federal Signal will determine the proper direction and tilt for each solar application based on location. Gel batteries are recommended for solar applications.


Net Weight 115 pounds (52 kg)
Shipping Weight 153 pounds (69 kg)

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Model Types
PVS240W-48Solar Power Option Federal Controller (FC)
PVS240W-24Solar Power Option UltraVoice (UV)