Federal Signal’s Model DSA Directional Speaker Array provides excellent voice and tone reproduction and is ideal for overcoming high levels of industrial noise.

Design flexibility allows the user to combine up to four speaker arrays; each array will hold from two to six re-entrant speakers. Speakers have a 70° horizontal angle of dispersion, accommodating specific sound output patterns. (When vertical stacks are placed 90° apart, a 180° horizontal coverage is possible.)

The Model DSA mounting kits allow for multiple speaker arrays to be mounted on the same pole at 90° increments. The downward tilt can be adjusted by 15°. The mounting flexibility of this system allows the speakers to be pointed directly at a targeted area for more concentrated sound output.

A DSA consists of a corrosion resistant aluminum frame with fiberglass projectors and stainless steel mounting hardware. Each speaker contains a high-efficiency 100 watt driver.
Amplification, tone generation and signal timing are provided by the Model UV controller, purchased separately.

Ideal for outdoor industrial plant warning, the Model DSA speaker array allows sound coverage to be customized to each site, preventing wasted sound in and around the plant. The Model DSA provides better speech intelligibility within a coverage zone than omni-directional speaker arrays.


DSA Specs

1 Special order, consult factory
2 Based on far field measurements.

Projector Dimensions (DxWxH) 16.31’’ x 22’’ x 12’’
Paint TGIC – Polyester Powder Coat,highly corrosion resistant
Frequency Response 200-2000Hz

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description
DSA2 Electronic Speaker Array, Two Speakers
DSA3 Electronic Speaker Array, Three Speakers
DSA4 Electronic Speaker Array, Four Speakers
DSA5 Electronic Speaker Array, Five Speakers
DSA6 Electronic Speaker Array, Six Speakers
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number
CHARGER,BATT.,UVIC,24VDC Q860000236-01