UVIC-B UltraVoice® Integrated Controller

UVIC-B UltraVoice® Integrated Controller

  • 7 built-in warning signals (click here for tones)
  • Flexible communications via radio, Ethernet (IP), cellular with two-way status monitoring
  • Live Public Address
  • Standard and optional tones
  • Optional voice message alerts
  • Supervised 25/70Vrms Audio speaker output (UVADM)
  • Secure communications with 128/256 AES-Bit Encryption
  • Programmable relays for control of external equipment
  • Local microphone access
  • NEMA1 Indoor cabinet
  • End-of-line speaker or voltage/current monitoring
  • Supervised Local Operating Console for remote activations
  • Built in relays for control of external devices
  • Battery backup – 72 hour (400 Watt)
  • UL and cUL
  • CSFM approved

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The Federal Signal UltraVoice® Integrated Controller, Model UVIC-B, is a Mass Notification panel designed to deliver clean, clear, amplified audio to a network of speakers (sold separately). The UltraVoice Integrated Controller can be used in a standalone application or networked with an outdoor Mass Notification system. The controller provides high quality broadcast of live or pre-recorded voice and tones. The UVIC-B continuously monitors speaker circuits with automatic notification of system failures.  
The UVIC-B is housed in an indoor NEMA1 style cabinet, with provisions for up to two 400 watt amplifiers (UV400 sold separately). Each controller requires 120 or 240 VAC and contains two sealed lead-acid batteries, providing over 30 minutes of operation in the event power has been lost. The UVIC-B can be activated via radio (UHF/VHF/P25, cellular or  IP (fiber/networked) from a remote location and can also interface a UVLOC-B for remote activation. This indoor controller has up to 8 preset activation functions, and Live PA broadcasts with the addition of a Local microphone  
(sold separate).
The UVLOC-B is a self-contained, lockable enclosure with supervised communications to the UVIC-B. Live Public Address is also available. Activation of pre-recorded messages can be done locally, via the UVLOC-B, via Commander or via an SS2000+. An SS2000+ is a system wide activation point which is typically equipped with a base station radio (approved radio license required at time of order). 
The UltraVoice Integrated controller can be activated, managed, set-up and monitored using the Federal Signal Commander® Software which allows simple “point and click” activation and indication of alarms or fault conditions. When used with Commander Assist, the Commander Control Software provides an unique and easy-to-use creation of site specific, alert specific alerting messages. 
A UVIC-B can be used to power a complete line of indoor or outdoor speakers. Federal Signal’s outdoor speakers include the DSA series, MOD1004B or MOD2008B. This controller can also be used with the AM300 or any 25/70V speakers when equipped with the optional UVADM. For end-of-line speaker monitoring the speakers require use of capacitively coupled devices. 
The UVIC-B also incorporates 4 stand-alone relays for activation of external devices, the UV-ARM is not supported with this new system. 


Operating Temperature -22˚  to 149˚ F / -30˚ to 65˚ C
Input Voltage 120 or 240VAC, 50/60 Hz Single-phase
Input Current 5A AC, 45A DC Max
Internal Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Continuous Signaling Time 30 minutes
Relay Contact Rating 8A at 24 Vdc or 250 Vac
Dimensions H x W x D 27” x 20.3” x 10.7” (685.5 mm x 515.62 mm x 271.78 mm)
Net Weight: (no amplifiers) 64.55 lbs 29.28 kg
Shipping Weight 200 lbs 90.7 kg

Ordering Info

Model Types
UVIC-B2UIndoor Controller, 240 VAC, UHF
UVIC-B2IPIndoor Controller, 240 VAC, IP-enabled*
UVIC-B2HIndoor Controller, 240 VAC, VHF
UVIC-B2Indoor Controller, 240 VAC
UVIC-B1UIndoor Controller, 120 VAC, UHF
UVIC-B1IPIndoor Controller, 120 VAC, IP-enabled*
UVIC-B1HIndoor Controller, 120 VAC, VHF
UVIC-B1Indoor Controller, 120 VAC
DSA1100 watt wall mount speaker
UVLOC-B-EXP8-port LOC Expansion
UVADMAudio distribution module for zone and voltage selection (25/70 V)
MNC-MCMCP microphone
Replacement Parts