Models AM300 and AM302 are rugged, transformer coupled, re-entrant speakers for use in public address or paging applications. These 15 and 30 watt speakers feature a durable speaker cone and projector constructed of spun aluminum. The speaker wiring connections are enclosed in a dust- and moisture-proof, die-cast aluminum compartment. All external surfaces are sealed with a red or gray powder coat paint.
The bottom of the the units contain two 1/2-inch conduit openings to accommodate inbound and outbound audio wiring. The unique shape of projector provides a 60° sound dispersion. The projector is held in position with a Teflon coated lock ring that can be rotated 180° in order to obtain the desired sound distribution.
These speakers are UL Listed for “Fire Protective Signaling Use”. An in-line capacitor (included) provides the isolation necessary for use in supervised systems. These can be used with supervised alarm notification systems or AudioMaster® CTS series amplifiers and the Audio Router to complete an industrial grade public address system.


Mount Wall
Power Handing
AM300 15 Watt
AM302 30 Watt
Frequency Response 400 - 4000Hz
Transformer 25Vrms
Power Taps
AM300 15, 9, 3, 1.5
AM302 30, 15, 7
Beam Width 60º
Decibel Output
AM300 110 at 10' (120 at 1 Meter)
AM302 114 at 10' (124 at 1 Meter)
Enclosure Rating Type 3R
Shipping Weight
AM300 6.15 lb
AM302 8.10 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
AM300 Speaker, 15 watts, transformer coupled, UL, gray 782979600671
AM300-R Speaker, 15 watts, transformer coupled, UL, red 782979216667
AM302 Speaker, 30 watts, transformer coupled, UL, gray 782979600695
AM302-R Speaker, 30 watts, transformer coupled, UL, red 782979221142
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
15W Speaker Assembly, Gray K8593082A 782979122531
15W Diaphragm, Voice Coil, Butterfly Assembly K8593035A 782979121138
30W Speaker Assembly, Gray K8593103A 782979125648
30W Diaphragm, Voice Coil, Butterfly Assembly K8590246A 782979121121
Gasket, Diaphragm K8590243A 782979126430
Housing, Gray K8473021A 782979114581
Housing Gasket K288A043 782979115335