Model 2 Omni-Directional Siren

Model 2 Omni-Directional Siren

  • Available in 120VAC/DC and 240VAC/DC
  • High-efficiency design requires only moderate power
  • Small compact design
  • Powder coating for long life 
  • Use with RC2W-120/240 motor starter 
  • Use with FC controller for ease of operation 
  • Use with FCU/H for remote radio activation
  • Produces 102 dBc @ 100’
  • Roof mount standard and pole mount optional
  • Pole mount with PMS kit

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Steady Siren Tone
Wail Siren Tone


Federal Signal’s Model 2 siren is the most commonly used siren for fire station and industrial plant alerting. The siren is an outdoor warning siren providing omni-directional coverage capable of producing intense warning signals over a large area. The siren is typically installed on a roof or on a standard utility pole.

The Model 2 is a mechanical single tone siren capable of producing 102 dBc @ 100’ while making only moderate power source demands. The Model 2 has a high powered AC motor which operates from either 120VAC/DC or 240VAC/DC.  A Federal Signal Model RC2W-120 or -240  motor starter (purchased separately) is required to operate this siren. The Federal Signal motor starter is recommended due to the ability to handle the specific requirements of the Model 2 siren.

The Model 2 siren and motor starter can be used with the FC controller for further control of the Model 2 siren. The FC provides relay contact closures to activate the RC2W-XXX motor starter. The FC controller can be programmed to activate the siren for a per-determined interval, can be activated thru radio control or through remote pushbuttons.

Federal Signal’s Model 2 can serve as an outdoor plant-wide warning system where volume is needed to contrast with high ambient industrial sounds. It is ideal for use in the large, wide open areas found in industrial facilities such as refineries, steel mills and manufacturing plants. The Model 2 can be used for start/stop work signaling, plant evacuation or other emergency situations.

Model 2 Siren Graphic


Recommended Mounting Height 35-40 feet 10.7–12.2 m
Effective Range* 1,000 feet (304.8 m)
Power Rating 2 HP 2 HP
Power Requirements 120VAC/DC 24A, single phase
  240VAC/DC 12A, single phase
Height 25.5” 65 cm
Diameter 19.6” (50 cm)
Net Weight 59 lbs (27 kg)
Shipping Weight 85 lbs (36 kg)

Ordering Info

Model Types
2-240Siren, 240VAC
2-120Siren, 120VAC
PMSModel 2 Pole Mount
PBS-4Outdoor NEMA 4 Push-button Panel
Replacement Parts
HOLDER,BRUSH VDR # 840-0Q8247A021