ECLIPSE8 Omni-Directional Siren

ECLIPSE8 Omni-Directional Siren

  • Omni-directional for 360˚ coverage
  • Three distinct warning signals
  • Can operate from batteries directly, or using optional AC with battery back-up
  • Full battery operation or battery back-up option
  • High efficiency design produces 115 dB(c) @ 100' while making moderate power demands
  • Optional roof mount stand
  • 100% aluminum design
  • Click here for siren tones

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The Eclipse8 is a mid-sized DC-powered omni-directional siren for outdoor warning that produces high intensity warning signals. This powerful and lightweight outdoor siren provides coverage with a maximum sound pressure level of 115 dBc at 100 feet. The high decibel output provides maximum coverage with minimum installation costs. Operating from 48VDC, the siren utilizes the DC motor of our 2001 siren series for proven reliability.
The siren’s eight projector horns covers a 360˚ omni-directional area, with the capability of producing three signal options: steady, wail and fast wail. The Eclipse8 will supply a minimum of 15 minutes of siren operation from its batteries even after 24 hours without AC power. The siren controls are available with battery operation, AC operation and AC operation with battery back-up. One-way and two-way radio control or landline options are available.



Operating Temperature -22˚F to 140˚F (-30˚C to 60˚C)
Effective Range @ 70dBc 2,200
Height 63.4 in (161.0 cm)
Width 46.68 in (118.6 cm)
Net Weight 255 lbs (116.0 kg)
Shipping Weight 380 lbs (173.0 kg)

Ordering Info

Model Types
RMERoof or steel pole top mount and bracket
ECLIPSE8Omni directional siren, DC, with horns
2001-AC208-240VAC Transformer rectifier with 48VDC, 120VAC and contactors with enclosure
Replacement Parts
DC Battery charger, 48 Volt Upgrade Kit (replaces 4 Q8402B073C)Q-DCCHG1