Federal Signal’s longstanding Informer is now IP-enabled. The Informer-IP can be used as a warning device, a two-way intercom and an alarm initiation point that connects to an Ethernet network on the SmartMsg platform.

The Informer-IP’s internal speaker and microphone provide clear two-way intercom voice communications.  Incoming warnings and alerts can be live voice, text-to-speech, pre-recorded messages or tone files.  Up to six different predefined alert events can be triggered from the Informer-IP — two from the device and four from the key FOB.  Alert messages initiated from the Informer-IP or key FOB can be sent to emergency personnel via email, SMS, computer pop-up, phone, handheld radios; and can also be used to activate other Informer units and sirens.

The Informer-IP features an audio output for connecting public address systems, two relay outputs for controlling strobes or other devices, and an RS232 port for driving a scrolling message display in order for the same message that is heard over the speaker to simultaneously be viewed on the display.  The Informer-IP provides the same tone and voice alerts available with Federal Signal’s UltraVoice™ outdoor siren controllers for seamless indoor and outdoor mass notification.

The Informer-IP I-IP-IO model is designed for desktop use. Power options include an external AC transformer or PoE (Power over Ethernet). All wiring runs to accessible connectors on the back of the unit for quick and easy installation.

Also available is the Informer-IPW, which are designed to be wall mounted or recessed into the wall. All wiring is contained within the aluminum case and five pre-punched, easy-to-remove conduit holes are available to facilitate wiring connections into and out of the unit. The case has top mounting holes and is pre-wired for the LP1 strobe option.

Schools, hospitals, police and fire stations, government facilities and industrial plants will find that the Informer-IP provides an unmatched value for their indoor alerting and notification needs.


Two Relay Outputs rated at 5 Amps @ 30VDC. Relay outputs can be programmed to cycle on and off, or come on continuously with the on time, off time, and total-time being programmable.

  • Tone and voice compatible with Federal Signal
  • UltraVoice controllers
  • Small size with rugged construction
  • Wired Ethernet, can be powered via PoE
  • Input: 115 to 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 350mA maximum (I-IPW) nominal 120VAC 60Hz (I-IP-IO/I-IP-WIFI-IO)
  • 80 dB speaker with adjustable volume control
  • LED status indicators for Power, Alert, Test and Talk
  • Local Mic for intercom use
  • One direct wire input for customer supplied panic button alarm
  • Wireless remote key FOB triggers alarms up to 75-ft direct line of sight
  • Replay button allows alerts to be replayed when the red Alert LED is flashing
  • RS232 port for driving an optional Scrolling Message Display
  • Two programmable relay outputs for controlling strobe lights or other devices (pre-wired for LP1 Strobe, I-IPW)
  • 600 Ohm audio output ties into existing PA, or external speaker
  • Alerts are IP addressable individually, in groups or all at once.
  • Requires minimal network bandwidth and uses TCP/IP protocol
  • Works with redundant SmartMsg network servers for reliable failsafe operation
  • Complies with FCC Title 47, Part 15 and UL 60065
  • I-IPW complies with CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60065
  • Federal Commander software provides full two-way control and status monitoring of the Informer-IP. Commander is Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 compatible and includes an option for natural sounding text-to-speech conversion for alert messages.

The Informer-IP monitors PoE and AC power along with speaker output level to verify the unit sounded. If it does not detect audio or power, then the status detail window will show a Fail status and administrators can be alerted.

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
I-IP-IO Informer-IP with I/O relay 782979701071
I-IPW Informer-IP Wall Mount 782979701095