These multi-purpose, initiating devices cover a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The Federal Signal push-button stations function like a traditional fire alarm “pull station”, providing a simple latching contact closure or momentary contact to activate emergency equipment, audible and visual signals and alarm panels.

Each unit is available with or without a tamper-resistant polycarbonate cover.1 Covered units work to protect against physical damage to the station and to prevent false alarms without restricting use in emergency situations. When the cover is lifted to gain access to the alarm, a piercing tone sounds, calling immediate attention to the area. The piezo horn is quiet once the cover is closed. Power to the piezo alarm is provided by a 9 Volt battery (included). The sounder cover mounts easily over the station with four anchor screws.

The terminal block provides easy installation and maintenance. Units mount on existing single-gang electrical boxes or 4” x 4” electrical boxes with plaster ring adapters (customer supplied).  Contact ratings for the Push Button Stations are 600VAC @ 3 amps and 250VDC @ 1 amp.

1 Momentary activation available with lift flap only



Mount 4" Square Electrical Box
Enclosure Rating Type 3R when used with Cover and Gasket
Batteries Required 9 Volt (included)
Relay Ratings 600VAC at 3 Amps; 250VDC at 1 Amp
Net Weight 3.3lbs
Shipping Weight 4.2lbs
Height Without cover-4.900 in
Height With cover-8.400 in
Width Without cover-3.250 in
Width With cover-5.500 in
Depth Without cover-2.000 in
Depth With cover-2.400 in


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
PSEV-Y Yellow station with push & turn reset button - "EVACUATION" 78297920434
PSEM-R Red station with push & turn reset button - "EMERGENCY" 78297920432
PSEVSC-Y Yellow station with push & turn reset button & sounder cover - "EVACUATION" 78297920435
PSEMSC-R Red station with push & turn reset button & sounder cover - "EMERGENCY" 78297920433
PSEVSC-YM Yellow Station with Momentary contact and Sounder Cover - "EVACUATION" 0782979241614
PSEMSC-RM Red Station with Momentary contact and Sounder Cover - “EMERGENCY” 0782979241621
Product # Description UPC
PSCE-Y Cover, pull station, Evacuation, yellow 78297920998
PSCE-R Cover, pull station, Emergency, red 78297920997
PSCF-R Cover Only, Fire, Red 782979209997
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Terminal blocks, 1 normally open and 1 normally closed K229277A 782979230182