Federal Signal’s Industrial Public Address System (I-PAS) is a reliable, cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution providing users flexibility to specify a precise combination of features and capabilities previously available only in highly integrated custom communication systems. 
The I-PAS system is engineered for tough, demanding industrial applications that call for public address to oversee critical production processes in combination with general alarm communications for safeguarding personnel facility wide. As versatile as it is dependable, I-PAS is compatible with a full range of industrial and commercial speaker options in low to high outputs.
I-PAS is based on the theory that optimum configurability promotes maximum flexibility. A standard graphical user interface (GUI) supports both touchscreen control and the design of application-specific interfaces. The system can be easily wired for single-loop speaker configurations as well as larger, more complex redundant/duplicated or IP/networked solutions.
In addition to high quality public address and reliable general alarm, I-PAS supplies the necessary control options (6 inputs and 12 outputs standard) to facilitate easy integration into other disparate systems. I-PAS readily connects to PBX telephone systems through an optional PA-TZM8 telephone module. Using the supervised version of the amplifiers allows for efficient monitoring of both speaker loops and amplifiers for faults. The optional Hot Standby Module (PA-HSM) provides an additional layer of reliability by transferring the speaker load to a standby amplifier in the unlikely event of an amplifier failure.
The ability to integrate across a multitude of platforms, plus the potential utilization of cost-effective networking (when applicable), makes I-PAS the productive solution for both small and large plant communication systems. Seamless integration over hardwire, fiber optics and Ethernet, coupled with a full range of operator controls, including touchscreen GUIs and analog control panels, substantially simplifies the process of integrating a system to meet unique application requirements.


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
PA-I-W PA-System, Wall Mount 18U, up to 8 Zones. Includes 1 x PA-IPAC Controller, 1 x PA-APCM8 Hard Access Panel Module. Amps and access panels ordered separately.
PA-I-F PA-System, Floor Mount 42U, bottom entry, up to 8 Zones, includes PA-IPAC Controller, PA-APCM8 Hard Access Panel Module. Amps and access panels ordered separately.
PA-AP Hard Access Panel Desk Mount
PA-AP-19SA Hard Access Panel, I-PAS, 19", Keypad, DUP, Hand Held Mic 782979235316
PA-SAP Soft Access Panel, Touchscreen GUI, unlimited quantity (Requires PA-NS network switch option)
PA-SAP-19 Soft access panel mounted on plate for use in 19" racks or control consoles 78297923741
PA-TZM8 Telephone Zone Management Module, 8 Zones, Store and Forward (Feedback Control)
PA-NS Network Switch (1 per node/rack), required for IP connectivity and soft access panel operation
PA-BPC Beacon Power Circuit, for control and initiation of field beacons (single color)