Police/Fire Headlight Taillight Flashers

Police/Fire Headlight Taillight Flashers

  • Multiple flash pattern options are selectable at installation
  • Flashers feature high beam deactivation and low voltage/reverse polarity protection
  • Vehicle-specific flashers/mounts for a variety of vehicles
  • Three-year warranty

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Federal Signal offers a wide variety of Headlight and Taillight flashers made especially for Police and non-Police vehicle applications. Our flashers feature solid-state reliability and customized brackets for the unique Police car applications such as the Ford® Police Interceptor® Utility, Chevrolet® Tahoe, and Dodge® Charger. Flash patterns are selectable on all models, except for the Tahoe. Other features include Low Voltage Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, High-beam deactivation, and Night-time cut-off.

The FHL2-SC provides unsurpassed reliability and value in a relay-driven package. The FHL2-SC is an economical solution for those applications that do not utilize Police package vehicles.

Federal Signal’s taillight flasher is universal for most applications. The FHL-TAIL can be integrated into vehicles that do not have a vehicle integrated taillight flasher.


Vehicle Electrical System 8/30 Vdc negative ground 10/16 Vdc negative ground 12 Vdc negative ground 12 Vdc negative ground
Maximum Output Current Two 9.5 circuits per side Two 10 A circuits 
per side
Two 5 A circuits 
per side
Circuit Switching High-Side
Low Voltage Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
High Beam Deactivation  
Automatic Night-time Cut-off    
Flash Patterns 7 selectable patterns 90 fpm 2.6 FPS
Mounting Bracket Multi-Vehicle
Physical Specifications
Height 0.7 in (1.78 cm)
Length 4.7 in (11.9 cm)
Width 2.05 in (5.2 cm)
Shipping Weight
  1.0 lb (0.5 kg)


Ordering Info

Model Types
FHL-CHGFlasher, Headlight, 2015-2023 Dodge Charger (halo only), 2015-2022 Dodge Durango (fog only)
FHL-HLFlasher, Headlight, positive-side switched systems, 18" wire leads, (2) 10 Amp outputs, multiple flash patterns
FHL2-SCFlasher, Headlight, 90 FPM, positive-side switched systems, high-beam override, (2) 10 Amp loads
FHL-TAILFlasher, Taillight, universal applications, 18" wire leads