Completely Redesigned

The e-Q2B® has been redesigned to incorporate 200 W Class D audio amplifier for increased reliability. In addition, external diagnostics have been added to monitor power, output voltage and current monitoring. New features include park kill input, which immediately shuts off the siren when vehicle is in park and horn ring input which allows the user to cycle through siren tones. Finally, an audio output has been added to allow the e-Q2B to work with the Federal Signal Rumbler Intersection Clearing System.   

Improved Amplifier

Using DSP circuitry, the e-Q2B amplifier is able to accurately reproduce the trademarked “Q” wail rather than relying on a simple digital recording. DSP also enables the product to function either manually or automatically for hands-free operations (Horn Ring Transfer). The new Class D engineered system reduces the operating current to 20 A and provides for a more robust, reliable system.   

Improved Keypad

The push-button backlit, membrane switches and robust rubberized knob provide a tactile feel to easily activate siren tones, air horn, PA and radio rebroadcast. In addition, the detachable push-to-talk microphone can be easily removed and replaced with customized plug. Volume control for microphone is located directly on the keypad for added convenience. 

Optional Siren Control

Three external inputs allow for the use of externally configured foot switches to control manual wail, brake and air horn.  

Registered Trademark

The distinctive sound of the Q2B electro-mechanical siren is a registered trademark owned by Federal Signal Corporation.


Operating Current 20A
Voltage 11-15 VDC
Polarity Negative ground only
Operating Temperature Range -40ºC to +65ºC
Standby Current Less than 0.5A
Dim. (H x W x L) e-Q2B Control- 3.25 in (8.3 cm) x 6.8 in (17.3 cm) x 1.18 in (3.0 cm)
e-Q2B Amplifier- 3.98 in (10.1 cm) x 7.6 in (19.4 cm) x 10.41 in (26.4 cm)
Shipping Weight 13 lb


Audible Equipment may produce LOUD sounds necessary to request the right-of-way. Audible equipment may cause hearing damage. Wear hearing protection. Refer to the Installation Manual or call 800/433-9132 for further instructions.

Important Warning for Police Boats and Fire Rescue Boats

It has come to our attention that police boat and fire rescue boat sirens and speakers may subject persons operating those craft to sound pressure levels that can cause permanent hearing loss. We recommend that speakers be located as far forward on the boat as possible, as recommended in the SAE Recommended Practice J1849 "Emergency Vehicle Sirens". However, unprotected exposures of a sufficient duration to properly located siren speakers can still create a risk of hearing loss.

It is our recommendation that your siren speakers should be relocated and persons operating these craft should wear hearing protection when using the siren system.

Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss to operators and passengers of these vehicles.

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description List Price (US)
EQ2B-200 200 W, remote amplifier, surface mount control head $1,700.00
EQ2B-200FM 200 W, remote amplifier, flush mount control head $1,700.00
EQ2B-100 100 W, remote amplifier, surface mount control head $1,700.00
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number List Price (US)
MALE CONNECTOR PLUG 5.0MM Z140417A-04 $21.00
CONN MALE PLUG EQ2B Z140418A-07 $22.00
MALE CONNECTOR PLUG 3.8IN Z140418A-08 $27.00
50A POWER CONN.MALE Z140535A $42.00
MIKE EQ2B/ 690000 SERIES Z258B577B-03 $75.00
CONTROL HD KIT EQ2B Z8616015A $451.00
LEGACY EQ2B,LOW-PROFILE Z8616033B-03 $1,750.00
Control head, EQ2B-200, flush mount Z8616042A $605.00
AMPLIFIER ASSY,E-Q2B Z8616033B $1,663.00