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  • Modern dome design complements the appearance of the Vision® SLR family of light bars
  • Patented Solaris® LED rotator for a true 360-degree sweeping coverage
  • NFPA Compliant models available
  • Domes are available in Amber, Blue, Clear, or Red
  • Five-year warranty

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  • NFPA

Federal Signal has combined the superior light output of a rotator with the advantages of LEDs to create the first true rotating LED beacon in the marketplace, the IVP SLR.

Featuring the patented Solaris® LED Rotator (SLR), the IVP SLR creates a burst of illumination with the benefits of a rotator to create a sweep of light unmatched by flashing lights.    

The IVP VSLR is available in two styles that complement Federal Signal’s Vision® SLR light bars. The VSLR1 features Red LEDs or Blue LEDs and may be used as part of an NFPA lighting package. The VSLR1-R1A02 is NFPA compliant and features a Red LED rotator and an IMPAXX 6 Amber warning light in attractive housing. IMPAXX6 models are also available in Amber, Blue, or Red LEDs.


Voltage 12/24 Vdc 12 Vdc
Operating Temp. -22˚ to +149˚ F (-30˚ to +65˚ C)
Physical Specifications
Length 7.3 in (18.5 cm)
Diameter 10.0 in (25.4 cm)
  4.5 in (11.4 cm) 5.0 in (12.7 cm)
Ship Weight
  5.5 lb (2.5 kg) 6.0 lb (2.7 kg)

Ordering Info

Model Types
VSLR1-A1Amber LEDs, Amber Dome
VSLR1-A2Amber LEDs, Clear Dome
VSLR1-B1Blue LEDs, Blue Dome
VSLR1-B2Blue LEDs, Clear dome
VSLR1-R1Red LEDs, Red dome
VSLR1-R2Red LEDs, Clear dome
VSLR1-A1R02Amber LEDs, Amber Dome, (1) Red IPX6, Clear lens
VSLR1-A2R02Amber LEDs, Clear Dome, (1) Red IPX6, Clear lens
VSLR1-B1A02Blue LEDs, Blue dome, (1) Amber IPX6, Clear lens
VSLR1-R1A02Red LEDs, Red dome, (1) Amber IPX6, Clear lens
VSLR1-R2A02Red LEDs, Clear dome, (1) Amber IPX6, Clear lens
VSLR1-R1B12Red LEDs, Red dome, (1) Blue IPX6, Clear lens