ECHO E-DD Single and Dual Direct Dial Sub-Stations

ECHO E-DD Single and Dual Direct Dial Sub-Stations

  • Hands-free duplex voice communication
  • Place calls to one or two predetermined locations
  • Receive calls from any station in the system
  • Remotely controlled contacts for gate/door activation
  • Call status LED
  • Remotely programmed using LCD stations or ECHO Windows® based software
  • CE Certified

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The Federal Signal Models E-DD1 and E-DD2 Single and Dual direct dial substations provide efficient, hands free duplex two-way voice communications with single button call capability. Applications include doors, dock areas or any location where limited call selection is needed. The stations instantly adjust volume levels to compensate for high ambient noise levels while providing instantaneous high-speed connections.

The E-DD1 / E-DD2 direct dial substations may be preprogrammed to call any other station in the system. E-DD1 Single Call Station can call one location, E-DD2 Dual Call Station can call two locations. By pressing the Call button on the station, a call will be placed to the station at the preprogrammed location. A call may be canceled by depressing the cancel button. Built-in relay contacts may be activated from the calling Master Station for remote door control or anything that a normally open dry contact can initiate.

The E-DD stations are constructed of heavy gauge anodized aluminum with a rugged Mylar face plate. The E-DD1 Single Call Station is equipped with one Call and one Cancel button and a Call Placed LED. The E-DD2 Dual Call Station has two Call buttons, one Cancel button and a Call Placed LED. Both units have built-in, heavy-duty relay contacts. The units are intended for indoor use with flush E-BB2 Back box or E-SMB Surface Box.

The E-DD stations may be programmed for call destination, volume level and other features using any LCD Station in the system or via the Windows based programming software Model ECHO-SFW.


Voltage 24VDC nominal (line driven from ECHO control)
Current Idle 250mA
Current Connected 650mA
Microphone Type Electret
Microphone Sensitivity -70dB
Audio Output 1.0 watts
Loudspeaker Size 2.500 in
Loudspeaker Impedence 45 ohms
Volume Control Via Keypad - 30dB in ten steps
Line Attenuation 24dB at 160kb/s maximum
Loop Resistance 170 Ohm maximum
Distance 2 km (1.2 miles) maximum
Cable One twisted pair, non-shielded
Cable Termination Plug-in screw terminal, non-polar
Relay Switching Capacity 3A at 240VAC
5A at 24VDC
Height 13.250 in
Width 7.130 in
Depth 3.000 in
Shipping Dimensions 13.25" x 7.13" x 3
Net Weight 1.20 lb
Shipping Weight 1.50 lb

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Model Types
E-DD2Wall mounted dual direct dial substation
E-DD1Wall mounted single direct dial substation