Model 450EWBX hazardous location electronic horn offers a patented electronic design that produces a very loud, clear and distinctive electronic tone. The model is capable of producing sustained tones or coded blasts through push button or PLC control devices without a duty cycle or interval limitations.
The 450EWBX is ideal for general alarm, start and dismissal, coded paging and process control signaling in areas of high ambient noise levels.


Operating Temperature Range -65°F to 150°F
Operating Current 0.12 Amps at 12VDC
Operating Current 0.22 Amps at 24VDC
Height 4.390 in
Width 5.690 in
Depth 3.880 in
General Weight 2.30 lb


IP69K Compliant Products Video (1:33)

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450EWBX-024 Horn, electronic, hazardous location, 12-24V, gray 782979235743