Model 300X SelecTone® Amplified Speaker is designed to meet UL 1480 intelligibility requirements producing crisp, clear tones, digital voice messages and live public address in harsh environments with high ambient noise levels.
All surfaces are sealed with powder-coat paint and assembled with stainless steel hardware. Dust- and moisture-proof gaskets provide protection from the elements. This housing incorporates a tool-less rear cover design, eliminating the need for torque specific hardware and solves the problem of missing or lost fasteners.
SelecTone Amplified Speakers are used individually or as part of a plant-wide emergency notification system. Model UTM Universal Tone Module with 32 tones, or model TM33-SD Custom Tone Module is plugged into a single SelecTone Amplified Speaker for stand-alone use or into a SelecTone Command Unit for plant-wide signaling.
For plant-wide signaling, a Connector Kit is required for each SelecTone Amplified Speaker and wired to a central controller. SelecTone Command Units and CommCenter® Digital Message Centers broadcast tones, voice messages, melodies and live public address to an unlimited number of SelecTone Amplified Speakers.
Applications for SelecTone include emergency warning, plant evacuation, start and dismissal, public address, and process control.


Voltage 24VDC
24VAC 50/60Hz
120VAC 50/60Hz
240VAC 50/60Hz
Mount Swivel Bracket
Operating Current* 0.76 Amps at 24VDC
1.1 Amps at 24VAC
0.22 Amps at 120VAC
0.11 Amps at 240VAC
Operating Temperature Minimum -67 °F
Operating Temperature Minimum 151 °F
Decibel Output 110 at 10 Feet
120 at 1 Meter
Standby Current 127 mA at 24VDC
305 mA at 24VAC
80 mA at 120VAC
Standby Current 40mA at 240VAC
Depth 16.300 in16.30 lb
Height 17.000 in
Width 13.100 in
Net Weight 16.30 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
300X-024 SelecTone speaker/amplifier, explosion-proof, 15 watt, 24VAC/DC, gain control 782979200604
300X-120-240 SelecTone speaker/amplifier, explosion-proof, 15 watt, 120/240VAC, gain control 782979221456
UTM Universal tone module 782979202172
TM33-SD Tone module, custom, Series D 782979227335
AM25CK Connector card, 25vrms 782979600855
AM70CK Connector card, 70vrms 782979600862
300CK Connector kit 782979391203
T-300CK 2.7 Vrms, 1 Vrms
E-300CK 1 Vrms, 1 Vrms
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
PCBA, 24V, 15W, Class D K2005618A-03 782979127185
PCBA, 120/240V, 15W, Class D 300X And T-300X K2005618A-05 782979127208
Projector Assembly, 14W, Gray, 300X K8593100A 782979125464
Bracket Assembly, Mounting, Black, 300X, 304X, 302X, 314X K8593071A 782979125419
Gasket, Diaphragm K8590243A 782979126430