Service Partner Program

Federal Signal’s Service Partner Program is designed to help service providers capitalize on Federal Signal’s leadership in emergency notifications market. We view our partners as an extension of our team, playing a key-role in serving our customers. Access to new business opportunities, early product information and technical training curricula at the Federal Signal’s Academy are among the many benefits of this program, designed to give Federal Signal’s Service partners a distinct sales advantage. With an accredited certification, Federal Signal’s loyal Service Partners will stand out amongst the rest as being the most skilled in the field when serving our customers.

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Tier of Service providers

The Federal Signal Partner Program is open to any company currently providing or wanting to provide installation and post implementation services to Federal Signal’s customers who own Federal Signal product(s). Three levels of partnership are designed to recognize and reward our partner's expertise and loyalty towards Federal Signal products and solutions.


This is the first level of Federal Signal’s Service Partner Program, which acknowledges FSC partners who are actively servicing our solutions. Admission to this level is dependent on successful completion of required training classes; a demonstration of successfully completing the assigned job with an approval from Federal Signal authorized personnel; and proven ability to meet minimum implementation requirements.


This second level of Federal Signal’s Service Partner Program rewards partners who are pro-actively promoting and supporting Federal Signal’s Outdoor and Indoor notification system, as their preferred platform in these applications. These certified service providers are loyal to the Federal Signal brand and have an in-depth understanding of Alerting and Notification Systems (ANS) product portfolio with proven experience in the implementation and support of these products. A limited number of partners are accepted within this level.


This status and privileges of this category will be awarded to who has successfully maintained their Silver status and demonstrated exceptional service performance, measured by timely response, support and training goals. Such partners are actively engaged in enhancing Federal Signal’s services and have proven their ability to meet the most challenging end user requirements.


Federal Signal's diverse portfolio in the security market ranges from video surveillance applications to CBRNE detections. In order to met customer needs, our Elite partner status is awarded to companies who meet our stringent qualification requirements and complement our skill sets.  Example of Security Systems are Video Management, Cameras, Automatic License Plate Recognition, Wireless Broadband Networks, Access Control, etc.

Service Partner Program Benefits

Benefits Plus Silver Gold Elite
Prioritized technical support*   Yes Yes Yes   Yes  
Quarterly factory training discount   Yes Yes - additional 20% Yes - additional 40%   N/A  
Service Parts discount   Yes Yes - additional 10% Yes - additional 20%   N/A  
Qualified leads for Services   No Yes Yes   Yes   
First preference to quote on Installation services   No No Yes   Yes 

*to be added in future

Service Partner Program Requirements

Program Approved FSC vendor application form Qualified expereince Provisions for 24x7 support Toll-free number Coverage*
Plus Required Installed more than 10 Federal Signal sirens OR approval** from the Director of Systems Integration N/A N/A N/A
Silver Required Installed more than 50 Federal Signal sirens or maintained customer systems that collectively comprises of at least 100 Federal Signal manufactured siren controllers OR approval** from the Director of Systems Integration Required Required Required
Gold Required Installed more than 200 Federal Signal sirens or maintained customer systems that collectively comprises of at least 400 Federal Signal manufactured siren controllers Required Required Required
Elite Required Must meet customer requirements.  Partners chosen through an interview process. Required Required Required

*(radius from their office location(s))
**Requires written approval

For further information, email us at [email protected]


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