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001-FWS-13955-TM1-Wail-Conventional Siren 560-1055Hz
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001-FWS-3287 Wail.mp3
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002-FWS-13956-TM2-Yelp-Rapid Siren 560-1055Hz-5sec
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002-FWS-7110-steady 15 sec.mp3
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003-Alternate Wail-15 sec.mp3
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003-FWS-13957-TM3-High-Low-Alternating High and Low 561Hz and 760Hz-5sec
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004-Alternate Steady-15 sec.mp3
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004-FWS-13958-TM4-Bell, Struck Rapidly-801Hz-5sec
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005-FWS-13959-TM5-Yeow-Descending High to Low, Repeated 545Hz and 1296Hz-5sec
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005-Pulsed Wail-15 sec.mp3
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006-FWS-13960-TM6-Horn-Steady Horn 470Hz-5sec
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006-Pulsed Steady-15 sec.mp3
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007-FWS-13961-TM7-Beep-Slow Intermittent Horn 470Hz-5sec
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007-Westminster Chime 20 sec.mp3
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008-FWS-13962-TM8-Stutter-Rapid Intermittent Horn 470Hz-5sec
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009-FWS-13963-TM9-Slow Whoop-Slow Ascending Low to High, Repeated 424Hz and 1163Hz-5sec
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010-FWS-13964-TM10-Gradual Horn-Steady Horn, Gradually Increasing in Volume 514Hz-5sec
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011-FWS-13965-TM11-Temporal Slow Whoop-NFPA Coded Slow Whoop 424Hz and 774Hz-5sec
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012-FWS-13966-TM12-Westminster Chime-Westminster Chime-Musical Tone-9sec
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013-FWS-13967-TM13-Evac-Amplitude Modulated Siren 479Hz-5sec
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014-FWS-13968-TM14-Air Horn-Steady Horn 400Hz and 800Hz-5sec
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015-FWS-13969-TM15-Chime-Single Strike Chime-Musical Tone-5sec
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016-FWS-13970-TM16-Phaser-Rapid Siren 600-1200Hz-5sec
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017-FWS-13971-TM17-Alternating High and Low 363Hz and 518Hz-5sec
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018-FWS-13972-TM18-Warble-Extremely Rapid Siren 560-1055Hz-5sec
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