The VS-205LED-OM red LED obstacle marking light is available in two candela ratings: 10 and 32 Cd and is available in flashing (60/90 FPM) or continuous steady burn mode.  This signal can be used with a photocell control if desired.  The UV stable polycarbonate housing and base are secured with a stainless steel sealing band.

The VS-205LED-OM offers a surface, conduit box or wall mount base.  These models are suitable for marking fixed objects/obstructions where the object is less extensive and the overall height above the ground is less then 147 ft./ 45 m.


Net Weight 1.32 lb
Operating Temperature Minimum -4 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 113 °F
Rating IP66
Flash Rate/Minute 60/90


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
VS-205LED-OM10-24S VS-205LED-OM10-24S 782979239338
VS-205LED-OM32-24F VS-205LED-OM32-24F 782979239369
VS-205LED-OM10-48S VS-205LED-OM10-48S 782979239345
VS-205LED-OM10-230S VS-205LED-OM10-230S 782979239314
VS-205LED-OM32-24S VS-205LED-OM32-24S 782979239376
VS-205LED-OM32-48S VS-205LED-OM32-48S 782979239383
VS-205LED-OM32-230S VS-205LED-OM32-230S 782979239352