SignalTech model VS-120MDS is a motor driven audible signal with a high output, low frequency resonating “klaxon” powerful warning tone. With a sound output of 110 db @ 10'/ 120 db @ 1m, it can cut through background noise in almost any environment and is ideal for general alarm, start and dismissal, coded paging, and process control signaling in areas of high ambient noise levels.

In addition, VS-120MDS is weatherproof and ideal for applications on barges, work boats, dock sides and other similar marine applications.


Operating Temperature Minimum -4 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 151 °F
Rating IP65
Decibel Output 110 db @ 10'
120 db @ 1m


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Model Types
Model Description UPC
VS-120MDS-115 Sounder, Motor Driven, 115VAC 782979238683
VS-120MDS-12 Sounder, Motor Driven, 12VDC 782979238690
VS-120MDS-230AC Sounder, Motor Driven, 230VAC 782979238706
VS-120MDS-230DC Sounder, Motor Driven, 230VDC 782979238713
VS-120MDS-24 Sounder, Motor Driven, 24VDC 782979238720
VS-120MDS-48 Sounder, Motor Driven, 48VDC 782979238737