Fire VisiBeam® Wireless/VisiBeam® II

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  • Ergonomically designed wireless transmitter operates at over 100-ft
  • Up to four transmitters programmable to operate one light
  • Graduated start for pinpoint light beam placement
  • Continuous 360-degree horizontal and 140-degree vertical adjustment
  • Three-year warranty


Federal Signal's VisiBeam® and Wireless VisiBeam® are powerful halogen search lights. The high-polished reflector design combined with the durable polycarbonate dome creates an extremely powerful light ideal for a variety of applications. A graduated start allows the operator to pinpoint the lightbeam directly to the work area.

The Wireless VisiBeam is a combination of a powerful halogen searchlight and wireless remote control. The ergonomically designed wireless controlled is equipped with large buttons for easy operation and can be programmed to operated by multiple operators.


Voltage 12/24 VDC
Amp Draw 7.8 @ 12.8 VDC (100W)
2.7 @ 25.6 VDC (65W)
Candelas 90,000 (65W)
125,000 (100W)
Operating Frequency 433.92 MHz
Dim. (D x H) Permanent Mount - 6.5 in (16.5 cm) x 6.5 in (16.5 cm)
Magnet Mount - 6.5 in (16.5 mm) x 6.9 in (17.5 mm)
Shipping Weight 2 lb

Ordering Info

Model Types
620202Wireless VisiBeam, 24 VDC, 65 W, wireless controller, Permanent Mount
620201Wireless VisiBeam, 12 VDC, 100 W, wireless controller, Magnetic mount with cigarette lighter plusg
620200Wireless VisiBeam, 12 VDC, 100 W, wireless controller, Permanent Mount
620142Wireless VisiBeam, 12 VDC, 100 W, adjustable spotlight, magnetic mount with cord and cigarette plug
620122-4012 VDC, 100 W, adjustable spotlight, surface mount, 40-ft cable
620122VisiBean, 12 VDC, 100 W, adjustable spotlight, surface mount
620104VisiBeam, 12 VDC, 65 W, adjustable spotlight permanent mount
620102VisiBeam, 12 VDC, 55 W, adjustable spotlight surface mount
Replacement Parts
Bulb, 12 VDC, 55 W, for model 620102620510
Bulb, 24 VDC, 65 W, for models 620104 and 620202620504
Bulb, 12 VDC, 100 W, for models 620122, 620142, 620152, 620200 and 620201620502
Dome, Clear448500-05