Vibratone® Bell Models 504WB and 506WB are completely assembled and include the gong, vibrating AC mechanism, and the gasketed back box. These assemblies feature heavy duty, industrial grade housings and powder-coat paint treatments for added durability and performance.

Vibratone gongs are tempered to produce superior output and long lasting durability.
Both models contain internal terminal blocks which simplifies installation. This method also allows for an uninterrupted, single run of wiring.


Voltage 120VAC
Mount Surface
Operating Temperature Range -31°F - 150°F
Operating Current 0.08 Amps at 120VAC
Enclosure Rating Type 3R
Decibel Output 98dBA @ 10' (107dBA @ 1m)
Height 5.640 in
Width 5.640 in
Depth 4.730 in
Net Weight 1.05 lb
Shipping Weight 1.65 lb
Decibel Output 100dBA @ 10' (109dBA @ 1m)
Height 6.020 in
Width 6.020 in
Depth 5.050 in
Net Weight 2.50 lb
Shipping Weight 3 lb

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
504WB-120 4" Vibrating bell, 120VAC, weatherproof back box 782979200987
504-120-1 4" Vibrating bell, 120VAC 782979300106
506WB-120 6" Vibrating bell, 120VAC, weatherproof back box 782979202080
506-120-1 6" Vibrating bell, 120VAC 782979300151