This unique status indicator can produce either three colors (Amber, Green and Red) or four colors (Amber, Blue, Green and Red) from a single light source. 

The UniStat offers a choice of four integrated flash patterns – steady burn, slow flash, strobe flash and SimuStrobe™. SimuStrobe simulates the attention-getting flash rate of a strobe light but with a much more color-rich output. The user can choose a total of 12 possible flash/color combinations in the tri-color models and 16 in the quad-color models. 

When the application calls for an increased sense of urgency, specify the model USIS with an integrated piezo sounder. Producing 60 dBa @ 10 feet, the USIS is the ideal attention getter in process control applications. 

Each model arrives pre-assembled and ready to surface mount or 3/4-inch NPT pipe mount. Options for the UniStat include pipe mount extensions (4",16", and 32"), a wall mount bracket and a tulip mount base.


Mount Surface
3/4" Pipe
Voltage 24VDC
Operating Current, 24VAC/DC 100 mA
Operating Current, 120VAC 60 mA
Light Source/Lamp Style LED Array
Lamp Life 50,000 Hours
Operating Temperature Minimum 32 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 104 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 4X
Ingress Protection (IP) IP66
Height 7.800 in
Width 2.200 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
USI-024QC UniStat, quad-color, single-high, 24VDC 78297920955
USI-024TC UniStat, tri-color, single-high, 24VDC 78297920953
USI-120QC UniStat, quad-color, single-high, 120VAC 78297920956
USI-120TC UniStat, tri-color, single-high, 120VAC 78297920954
USIS-024QC UniStat, quad-color, sounder, single-high, 24VDC 78297921647
USIS-024TC UniStat, tri-color, sounder, single-high, 24VDC 78297921648
USIS-120QC UniStat, quad-color, sounder, single-high, 120VAC 78297921649
USIS-120TC UniStat, tri-color, sounder, single-high, 120VAC 78297921650
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Kit, Microstat-Unistat hardware and lens K844700351A 782979208358
LED array, UniStat tri-color K2005328A 782979229902
LED array, UniStat quad-color K2005328A-01 782979229919