UVRI-B UltraVoice® Indoor Controller

UVRI-B UltraVoice® Indoor Controller

  • 7 built-in warning signals (click here for tones)
  • Indoor use
  • Flexible communications, IP standard/radio or cellular optional
  • 12VDC and120/240VAC operation with 12VDC battery back up
  • Seven factory installed siren tones
  • Removeable SD card for local storage of voice/tone messages
  • Capable of storing over 4000 voice/tone messages
  • Built-in IP interface with downloadable voice and tone messages
  • Built in 2-watt amplifier and speaker
  • Optional 100-watt amplifier
  • Relay outputs for control of external devices, i.e. visual, door locks
  • Eight inputs for activation of announcement alerts or alarms
  • Audio out for public address interface
  • Fire panel interface
  • Self-diagnostics with reporting for major system components
  • Secure 128- and 256-bit encryption options
  • Local microphone access
  • Can be configured for ambient noise monitoring with an external microphone
  • UL and cUL Listed 
  • CSFM Approved

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The UltraVoice® Remote Interface Controller, Model UVRI-B, establishes a communication link between an isolated location and Federal Signal’s Commander® alerting and notification system; creating a fully integrated indoor and outdoor Mass Notification System. UVRI-B’s primary application is to provide a communication bridge, allowing public safety official to expand their alerting and notification capabilities. The UVRI-B can interface with an individual buildings fire alarm panel, and is designed to provide remote control status and monitoring. The UVRI-B is a direct indoor replacement for the UVRI. 
Model UVRI-B can be equipped with a high capacity digital voice storage device for simple and/or complex voice messages.  When paired with Federal Signal’s Commander control system, UVRI-B offers the unique capability for a remote operator to record and broadcast urgent message notifications, or to activate VOIP communications. When local control and activations are required, the UVRI-B provides an easy to use local user interface with push button control for eight functions and a local microphone input for live voice announcements.
The UVRI-B has an IP interface that allows for simple high-speed two-way control and activation. Additionally, the UVRI-B can be equipped with two-way VHF/UHF radios, such as Motorola Vertex transceivers, for wireless communication to the Federal Signal Commander control system. The UVRI-B also supports cellular communication. UVRI-B utilizes secure digital data transfer methods via 128/256 bit encryption to ensure no malicious or accidental operation of the system. Status monitoring provides information on the following conditions: AC power, battery voltage, enclosure intrusion, charger, local activation, and remote system operation. It can also be configured to support Ambient Noise Monitoring utilizing  an external microphone for noise level detection.
The UVRI-B provides system maintenance improvements, an integrated IP interface, ambient noise level detection for automatic sound level adjustment, integrated 12VDC charger, simplified wiring, integrated speaker and an optional 100 watt amplifier. The speaker line is supervised when using distributed speakers.

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Operating Temperature Range -22°F to +150°F/-30°C to + 65°C
Humidity Range 0-98% non-condensing
Input Voltage (nominal) 120/240VAC
Current See technical manual
Battery Voltage 14VDC, 13.7 volts (nom.)
  < 260 mA standby current |
Standby Time Up to 45 hours with Vertex transceiver
Audio output UVRI-B board (Q20000253) 10/25 Vrms
Audio output optional amplifier (Q20000324 25Vrms
Relays 1-4 30VDC/240VAC 8A max
Small size with rugged construction 20.36 in x 16.30 in x 6.62 in (517 mm x 414 mm x 168 mm)
Net Weight 41.4 lb/18.8 kg
Net Shipping Weight 45.4 lb/20.6 kg

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Model Types
UVRI-BU100Remote Interface with UHF Radio with 100 Watt Amp
UVRI-BURemote Interface with UHF Radio
UVRI-BH100Remote Interface with VHF Radio with 100 Watt Amp
UVRI-BHRemote Interface with VHF Radio
UVRI-B100Remote Interface unit, IP Enabled with Battery Back-up and 100 Watt Amp
MNC-MCMCP microphone
Replacement Parts
100W Amp BoardQ20000324
Control BoardQ20000253
12V Maintenance Free BatteryQ155193A