The new Federal Signal UltraVoice® Local Operating Console (UVLOC-B) is an easy to use remote user interface for indoor and outdoor alert and notification systems. The UVLOC-B provides a system operator, building inhabitant or facility personnel, an activation point and indicator of system faults. The UVLOC-B  offers the capability to: activate up to ten tone or pre-recorded digital voice messages and conduct live public address (PA) announcements. The Local Operating Console is ideal for providing multiple activation points in an Indoor Mass Notification System. The UVLOC-B is specifically designed to work with the UVIC-B Indoor controller. Each UVIC-B provides support for up to four UVLOC-B consoles. An optional UVLOC-IM-B interface board provides interface for an additional eight UVLOC-B consoles.
The UVLOC-B  is rated for Indoor use and designed for surface / wall mounting.  A UVIC-B controller supports up to four UVLOC-B consoles with the UVIC-B supplying power and supervision to each unit. The ability to provide up to four (or up to 12 with optional UVLOC-IM-B) remote activation points offers flexibility in large facilities. The UVIC-B controller provides power and battery back-up operation in the case of AC power loss. All UVLOC-B consoles are supervised and can be optioned to indicate (sounder) if the main controller has a fault.
The UVLOC-B provides visual indicators for power, arm and fault status.  A UVLOC-B includes a handheld microphone with push-to-talk Live PA functionality. The touch panel has ARM and Cancel functions and ten pushbuttons for activation of pre-determined messages. The UVLOC-B has a locking front door for protection against malicious activity. The UVLOC-B interfaces to the UVIC-B with a single twisted pair cable with range up to ½ mile.
Designed to enhance “all hazard” warning capabilities, the UVLOC-B  provides increased system flexibility, redundancy, and reliability, making it a necessary component to any alert and notification system. A UVIC-B can also be used in a standalone mode with remote UVLOC-B’s for a integrated plant-wide public address system. The UVIC-B provides up to 800W of capacity for distributed speaker operation and / or to interface outdoor speaker systems such as DSA sirens.


Operating Temperature: Indoor use, non condensing humidity -22°F to 149°F / -30°C to 65°C
Number of activation buttons: 10
Maximum number of UVLOC-B: 4
Maximum number of UVLOC-B with expansion: 12
Dimensions H x W x D: 11.27” x 7.0” x 4.97” (286.1 mm x 180.2 mm x 126.2 mm)
Shipping Weight 6.0 lbs 2.72 kg

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UVLOC-B UltraVoice Local Operating Console
UVIC-B UltraVoice Indoor Controller*
UVLOC-IM-B UltraVoice 8 port Expansion*