Federal Signal’s Twist-n-Lock Corner LED systems feature a reliable low-profile light head that uses six high-powered LEDs to promote multi-directional illumination. The easy-to-install assemblies are compatible with 2013-2017 Ford Interceptor headlights and taillights with pre-drilled hole option 86T and are available as either single color or dual-color models. The pair of Twist-n-Lock Corner LEDs can be used as a single warning system, or be synchronized for simultaneous or alternating flashing.

Built to stand up to the most punishing conditions.
The system’s light head is completely potted to provide a barrier against moisture and condensation. A nickel-plated aluminum base protects against corrosion while also offering efficient heat dispersion to promote extended service life. Twist-n-Lock Corner LEDs are backed by Federal Signal’s comprehensive three-year warranty.

A versatile solution for supplemental warning light applications.
Twist-n-Lock Corner LED kit includes two light heads with in-line flasher, two gaskets, and two extension cables. They have 19 built-in selectable flash patterns and feature a “plug-and-play” system for faster, easier setup. Specially designed in-line connectors significantly speed up and simplify light head servicing for increased uptime. Lightheads are available in single options of Red, Blue and White and dual-color options of Red/White, Blue/White and Red/Blue.


Voltage 10-16 VDC
Average Current 0.65A @ 12 VDC
Average Power 7.58W
Max. Power 15.6W
Fuse Recommended 2A
Lighthead Dim: Diameter 1.7 in ( 4.3 cm) – Length Base 2.09 in ( 5.3 cm) – Bulb 1.03 in (2.6 cm) – Height 1.34 in (3.4 cm - base and bulb)
Flasher (L x W x H): 5.56 in (14.1 cm) x 0.6 in (1.52 cm) x 1.07 in (2.7 cm)


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Model Types
Model Description List Price (US)
416810-BB (2) Blue LED heads with in-line flasher, Single color, two-head In-line Corner LED Systems $230.00
416810-RR (2) Red LED heads with in-line flasher, Single color, two-head In-line Corner LED Systems $230.00
416810-WW (2) White LED heads with in-line flasher, Single color, two-head In-line Corner LED Systems $230.00
416800-RBRB (2) Red/Blue LED heads with in-line flasher, Dual color, two-head In-line Corner LED Systems $230.00
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number List Price (US)
Single Color, LED Lighthead, Blue 416811-B $75.00
Single Color, LED Lighthead, Red 416811-R $75.00
Single Color, LED Lighthead, White 416811-W $75.00
Dual Color LED Lighthead, Red/White 416801-RW $75.00
Dual Color LED Lighthead, Blue/White 416801-BW $75.00
Dual Color LED Lighthead, Red/Blue 416801-RB $75.00
In-line Flasher 416815 $89.00