Model TM33-SD Digital Tone Module provides audio input for any SelecTone® speaker/amplifier. The tone module holds a single pre-recorded voice message, tone or melody. 

Each tone module contains the latest microprocessor based digital messaging system. This new PCBA module is capable of a 30 second playback of any custom tone or voice message. The tone or message can be reprogrammed at any time with the use of the 300FP field programmer, see page 254 for details. Model TM33 can either be set to play through once and stop or loop continuously.
This solid state digital device will work with Federal Signal amplified speakers (including 50GC, 50GCB, 300GC, 300GCX, 302GC, 302GCX, 300X, 302X, 304GC, 314GC, 304GCX. 314GCX, 304X, and 314X) and the 300VSC-1, 300SCW-1, 300VSC-1044SB SelecTone Command Panels*.
TM33-SD’s digital messaging capabilities are ideal for emergency evacuation announcements. Clear, concise, predetermined instructions or custom tones can be broadcast.
Manufacturing facilities often require an audible signal to indicate status (i.e. standby, shut down, operational, etc.). Simple pre-recorded melodies can indicate these situations, while voice messages can warn operators.
* Not compatible with the EM3 Extension Module


Height 0.840 in
Width 2.250 in
Length 3.250 in


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SelecTone Tone Modules UTM & TM33 (1:11)

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Model Types
Model Description UPC
TM33-SD Tone module, custom, Series D 782979227335
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Blank CommCenter chip, recordable, Series D RMB9999SD 782979227359
Pre-recorded CommCenter chip, Series D RM1SD 782979227342