SST3-MV is an electronic siren capable of producing three different high decibel tones from the same unit. 
Model SST3-MV features internal amplification and the circuitry required to produce three different tones. The user activates each tone (wail, yelp or horn) with dry contacts from a remote point.
The NEMA 3R housing is molded from impact resistant plastic, making it resistant to ultra-violet light and ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The omni-directional swivel mount system allows the output to be pointed anywhere within a 180 degree half-sphere. 
Model SST3-MV can be used as a stand-alone, high-output, audible warning device in any application where multiple tones are needed but voice paging is not required.
Typical applications include emergency warning, start and dismissal, fire alarm, general alarm and evacuation.


Voltage 24VDC
Omni-Directional Swivel
Operating Current 600mA at 24VDC
210mA at 120VAC
120mA at 240VAC
Operating Temperature Minimum -31 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 151 °F
Tones Wail, Yelp, and Horn
Decibel Output Wail – 109.5 at 10Ft, 119.5 at 1m
Yelp – 111 at 10Ft, 121 at 1m
Horn – 107 at 10Ft, 117 at 1m
Enclosure Rating Type 3R when used with Weatherproof Backbox
Height 14.500 in
Width 12.100 in
Depth 8.900 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SST3-MV Siren, electronic, remotely selectable, multi tone, multi-voltage 782979209164
Product # Description UPC
WB Weatherproof back box, gray 782979224709
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
4-Position Power Plant Board Assembly K140340B 782979112969
Adapter, Mesa Tan K8476121A-04 782979121336
Gasket, 50GC Adaptor K8476122A 782979116455
Speaker, Pa430 Univ K8504002A 782979116783
PCBA, Multi-Voltage, SST3 And Sstx3 K2005110A 782979120858