The SS2000+ local hardware activation point is Federal Signal’s most advanced stand-alone control unit. The SS2000+ supports one-way communication or two-way communications, with two-way communications utilizing DTMF or FSK encoding. Command sequences are programmable and stored in non-volatile memory for retention even when electrical power is disrupted. Using the SS2000+, you can monitor and control your siren network with the SS2000+, offering 20 inputs for remote activation. The remote activation inputs can mirror the front panel push buttons or can be configured to provide 20 additional activation points. 
To utilize the most advanced features of the SS2000+, connect it to a PC running Federal Signal’s Commander software. Commander software and the SS2000+ can work together to monitor and control your system, with the SS2000+ providing full redundancy in the event that your PC is off line. You can stream .wav files from your PC for voice, music and text-to-speech. You can control new and legacy systems using DTMF, EAS, two-tone and AFSK encoding. You can program hotkeys for quick activation functions in various scenarios. The SS2000+ offers these capabilities in a simple, easy-to-use package for your desktop, or a 19” rack unit (SS2000+R) is also available. The SS2000+ can be configured using SSLOADER+, a simple Windows®- based program from Federal Signal.


Line Input 120/240 VAC* VAC wall transformer power supply
Battery Input 11.5 - 20 VDC (over voltage and reverse voltage protection)
Power Supply Input Voltage 12-30 VDC (12 VDC typical)
Input Current 300mA (Standby 700mA max.)
Distortion < 3.0%
Ethernet RJ-45 port, TCP/IP
Operating Temperature Minimum 32 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 140 °F
Microphone Input Level 10mV - 150mV p-p
Microphone Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Microphone Input Jack XLR Male
Microphone Type Dynamic
Speaker Power 1 watt
Speaker Impedance 8 ohm
Audio Interface
Audio Output Balanced 600 Ohms, -55 dbm to 0 dbm
Audio Input Balanced 600 Ohms, -55 dbm to 0 dbm
Decode Sensitivity < 8-10 dB(C) S/N or 12 dB(C) SINAD
Relay Outputs 2A at 30VDC / 0.5 at 120VAC
Shipping Weight Desk Mount 6 lb
Rack Mount 8 lb
Desk Physical Dim. (HxWxD) 2.59 in (91.8 mm x 11.59 in (294.4 mm) x 9.53 in (242.1 mm)
Rack Mount Physical Dim. (HxWxD) 5.19 in (131.8 mm) x 17.29 in (439.2 mm) [19 in/482.6 mm front with bracket or ] x 10.10 in (256.5 mm)


Product Literature

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SS2000+ Desk mount Local Activation Point, US
SS2000+R Rack Mount Local Activation Point, US
SS2000+EU Desk Mount Local hardware activation point, EU 782979706014
SS2000+UK Desk Mount Local hardware activation point, UK 782979706007
MNC-MNS UL2572 Noise Cancelling Microphone
SSLOADER+ Operating System Software Configuration: Windows® XP, Vista, Windows®, Server 2003/2008 Compatible 782979702658
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number
1 While there are no EU/UK rack mount models, the rack mount SS2000+R can be ordered with the appropriate replacement power cable if needed.
2 Noise cancelling microphone model MNC-MC replaces the microphone on early revision models of SS2000+. Revision E and later models utilize microphone
model MNC-NMS for compatibility with UL2572.