Model SLM800 is a high-output multifunctional electronic sounder developed with a multiple input technology that is capable of producing two different tones (pre-alarm, alarm) controllable via independent electric contacts.

Model SLM800 offers a high acoustic performance through 2 channels offering 64 tones, 32 tones per input selectable via dip switch. Both channels offer a powerful electronic tone adjustable from 65 dBa up to 115 dBa @ 1 meter.

Model SLM800 body material is a self extinguishing polycarbonate material with high impact and UV resistance suitable for outdoor applications.

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Operating Temperature Range -22°F to 122°F
Weight (unit(s) + base = total weight)
SLM800 19.05 oz. / 0.54 kg
Shallow Base (sold separately) 2.12 oz. / 0.06 kg
Deep Base (sold separately)
12-24VAC/DC 4.23 oz. / 0.12 kg
120-240VAC 6.0 oz. / 0.17 kg
Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24VAC/DC 6.70 oz. / 0.12 kg
120-240VAC 6.0 oz./ 0.19 kg
Pipe Mount (sold separately)
12-24VAC/DC 5.29 oz. / 0.15 kg
120-240VAC 6.70 oz. / 0.19 kg
Twin Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24VAC/DC 9.17 oz. / 0.26 kg
120-240VAC 12.35 oz. / 0.35 kg


The StreamLine Modular Series by Federal Signal

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SLM800GY StreamLine modular high output sounder, gray 782979233268
SLM800R StreamLine modular high output sounder, red 782979233275
SLMBS-012-024GY Streamline modular base shallow, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232292
SLMBS-012-024R StreamLine Shallow Base, 12-24VDC, Red 782979248705
SLMBD-012-024GY Streamline modular base deep, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232308
SLMBD-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base, deep, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233343
SLMBD-012-024R Streamline modular base deep, 12-24VAC/VDC, red 782979231998
SLMBD-120-240GY Streamline modular base deep, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232315
SLMBD-120-240R Streamline modular base deep, 120-240VAC, red 782979232001
SLMBW-012-024GY Streamline modular base wall, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232322
SLMBW-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base wall, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233350
SLMBW-120-240GY Streamline modular base wall, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232339
SLMBP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base pipe, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233312
SLMBP-120-240GY StreamLine modular base, pipe, 120-240VAC, gray 782979233336
SLMBT-012-024GY Streamline modular base twin, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232346
SLMBT-120-240GY Streamline modular base twin, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232353
Product # Description UPC
SLMDG1 Streamline modular dome guard, small 782979232018
SLMDG2 Streamline modular dome guard, medium 782979232025
SLMNPT1 StreamLine modular pipe mount 1-inch adapter 782979233374
SLMNPT2 StreamLine modular pipe mount 1/2-inch adapter 782979233381