Model SLM700 is a multifunctional electronic sounder developed with a multiple input technology that is capable of producing two different tones controllable via independent electric contacts.

Model SLM700 offers a high acoustic performance through 2 channels offering 64 tones, 32 tones per input selectable via dip switch. Both channels offer a powerful electronic tone adjustable from 65 dBa up to 105 dBa @ 1 meter.

Model SLM700 body material is a self extinguishing polycarbonate material with high impact and UV resistance suitable for outdoor applications.

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Operating Temperature Minimum -22 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 122 °F
Weight (unit(s) + base = total weight)
SLM700 7.76 oz. / 0.22 kg
Shallow Base (sold separately) 2.12 oz. / 0.06 kg
Deep Base (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 4.23 oz. / 0.12 kg
120-240 VAC 6.0 oz. / 0.17 kg
Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 6.70 oz. / 0.19 kg
120-240 VAC 8.47 oz. / 0.24 kg
Pipe Mount (sold separately)
12-24VDC/AC 5.29 oz. / 0.15 kg
120-240VAC 6.70 / 0.19 kg
Twin Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 9.17 oz. / 0.26 kg
120-240 VAC 12.35 oz. / 0.35 kg


The StreamLine Modular Series by Federal Signal
StreamLine® Dock Light Base Video (1:02)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SLM700GY Streamline modular sounder, gray 782979232100
SLM700R Streamline modular sounder, red 782979232117
SLMBS-012-024GY Streamline modular base shallow, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232292
SLMBS-012-024R StreamLine Shallow Base, 12-24VDC, Red 782979248705
SLMBD-012-024GY Streamline modular base deep, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232308
SLMBD-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base, deep, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233343
SLMBD-012-024R Streamline modular base deep, 12-24VAC/VDC, red 782979231998
SLMBD-120-240GY Streamline modular base deep, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232315
SLMBD-120-240R Streamline modular base deep, 120-240VAC, red 782979232001
SLMBW-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base wall, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233350
SLMBW-120-240GY Streamline modular base wall, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232339
SLMBP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base pipe, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233312
SLMBP-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base pipe, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233329
SLMBP-120-240GY StreamLine modular base, pipe, 120-240VAC, gray 782979233336
SLMBT-012-024GY Streamline modular base twin, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232346
SLMBT-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base twin, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233367
SLMBT-120-240GY Streamline modular base twin, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232353
SLMB2-024GY StreamLine dock base, 2 stack, 24VAC/DC, gray 782979247098
SLMB2-120-240GY StreamLine dock base, 2 stack, 120-240VAC, gray 782979247104
SLMB3-024GY StreamLine dock base, 3 stack, 24VAC/DC, gray 782979247074
SLMB3-120-240GY StreamLine dock base, 3 stack, 120-240VAC, gray 782979247081
Product # Description UPC
SLMDG1 Streamline modular dome guard, small 782979232018
SLMDG2 Streamline modular dome guard, medium 782979232025
SLMB23N Dock Base, ½” NPT Adaptor 782979247128
SLMB23W Dock Base, Wall Mount 782979247111
SLM-RR StreamLine modular retaining ring 782979236580
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dock Base, Visor/Shield SLMB23V 782979247135