Model SLM450 are multicolor multifunctional LED status indicators engineered to satisfy the most demanding applications.  Developed with multichannel technology, this low profile model produces three colors (red, green and amber) controllable via independent electric contacts. 

Model SLM450 includes a fresnel lens for farther distance signaling. The body material is a self extinguishing polycarbonate material with high impact and UV resistance suitable for outdoor applications. 


Lamp Life 50,000 Hours
Light Source/Lamp Style LED Array
Operating Temperature Minimum -22 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 122 °F
Weight (unit(s) + base = total weight)
SLM450 3.88 oz. / 0.11 kg
Shallow Base (sold separately) 2.12 oz. / 0.06 kg
Deep Base (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 4.23 oz. / 0.12 kg
120-240 VAC 6.0 oz. / 0.17 kg
Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 6.70 oz. / 0.19 kg
120-240 VAC 8.47 oz. / 0.24 kg
Pipe Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 5.29 oz. / 0.15 kg
120-240 VAC 6.70 oz. / 0.19 kg
Twin Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 9.17 oz. / 0.26 kg
120-240 VAC 12.35 oz. / 0.35 kg


Flash Pattern Video: SLM400 and SLM450 (0:24)
The StreamLine Modular Series by Federal Signal

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SLM450 Modular Multifunctional Low Profile LED Status Indicator, Fresnel Lens 782979232285
SLMBS-012-024GY Streamline modular base shallow, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232292
SLMBS-012-024R StreamLine Shallow Base, 12-24VDC, Red 782979248705
SLMBD-012-024GY Streamline modular base deep, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232308
SLMBD-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base, deep, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233343
SLMBD-012-024R Streamline modular base deep, 12-24VAC/VDC, red 782979231998
SLMBD-120-240GY Streamline modular base deep, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232315
SLMBD-120-240R Streamline modular base deep, 120-240VAC, red 782979232001
SLMBW-012-024GY Streamline modular base wall, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232322
SLMBW-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base wall, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233350
SLMBW-120-240GY Streamline modular base wall, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232339
SLMBT-012-024GY Streamline modular base twin, 12-24VAC/VDC, gray 782979232346
SLMBT-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base twin, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233367
SLMBT-120-240GY Streamline modular base twin, 120-240VAC, gray 782979232353
SLMBP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base pipe, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233312
SLMBP-PNP-012-024GY StreamLine modular base pipe, PNP, 12-24VAC/DC, gray 782979233329
SLMBP-120-240GY StreamLine modular base, pipe, 120-240VAC, gray 782979233336
Product # Description UPC
SLMDG0 Streamline modular dome guard, extra small 782979232469
SLMDG1 Streamline modular dome guard, small 782979232018