Model SLM100 offers a multifunctional LED beacon with high optical performance. Developed with a multiple input technology, Model SLM100 allows three separate light effects (steady, flashing or rotating) controllable via independent electric contacts. 

The steady light option offers a conspicuous and consistent light signal. The flashing mode consists of a triple-flash strobe effect ideal for all applications where an immediate attention gain is mandatory. And, the rotating light offers a traditional rotating beacon effect without moving parts, which enhances product life. 

Model SLM100 body material is a self extinguishing polycarbonate material with high impact and UV resistance suitable for outdoor applications.


Lamp Life 50,000 Hours
Light Source/Lamp Style LED Array
Operating Temperature Minimum -22 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 122 °F
Weight (unit(s) + base = total weight)
SLM100 7.05 oz. / 0.20 kg
Shallow Base (sold separately) 2.12 oz. / 0.06 kg
Deep Base (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 4.23 oz. / 0.12 kg
120-240 VAC 6.0 oz. / 0.17 kg
Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 6.70 oz. / 0.19 kg
120-240 VAC 8.47 oz. / 0.24 kg
Pipe Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 5.29 oz. / 0.26 kg
120-240 VAC 12.35 oz. / 0.35 kg
Twin Wall Mount (sold separately)
12-24 VDC/AC 9.17 oz. / 0.26 kg
120-240 VAC 12.35 oz. / 0.35 kg


Flash Pattern Video: SLM100 (0:26)
The StreamLine Modular Series by Federal Signal

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
SLM100A Modular Multifunctional LED Beacon, Amber 78297923205
SLM100B Modular Multifunctional LED Beacon, Blue 78297923206
SLM100C Modular Multifunctional LED Beacon, Clear 78297923207
SLM100G Modular Multifunctional LED Beacon, Green 78297923208
SLM100R Modular Multifunctional LED Beacon, Red 78297923209
SLMBS-012-024GY Shallow Base, Grey, 12-24VDC/AC 78297923229
SLMBS-012-024R StreamLine Shallow Base, 12-24VDC, Red 782979248705
SLMBD-012-024GY Deep Base, Grey, 12-24VDC/AC 78297923230
SLMBD-PNP-012-024GY Deep Base, PNP Compatible, 12-24AC/VDC, Gray 78297923334
SLMBD-012-024R Deep Base, Red, 12-24VDC/AC 78297923199
SLMBD-120-240GY Deep Base, Grey, 120-240VAC 78297923231
SLMBW-PNP-012-024GY Wall Mount, PNP Compatible, 12-24AC/VDC, Gray 78297923335
SLMBW-120-240GY Wall Mount, Grey, 120-240VAC 78297923233
SLMBT-012-024GY Twin Wall Mount, Grey, 12-24VDC/AC 78297923234
SLMBT-PNP-012-024GY Twin Wall Mount, PNP Compatible, 12-24AC/VDC, Gray 78297923336
SLMBT-120-240GY Twin Wall Mount, Grey, 120-240VAC 78297923235
SLMBP-012-024GY Pipe Mount, 12-24 AC/VDC, Gray 78297923331
SLMBP-PNP-012-024GY Pipe Mount, PNP Compatible, 12-24AC/VDC, Gray 78297923332
SLMBP-120-240GY Pipe Mount, 120-240VAC, Gray 78297923333
SLMB2-024GY Dock Base, 2 Stack, 24VAC/DC, Gray 782979247098
SLMB2-120-240GY Dock Base, 2 Stack, 120-240VAC, Gray 782979247104
SLMB3-024GY Dock Base, 3 Stack, 24VAC/DC, Gray 782979247074
SLMB3-120-240GY Dock Base, 3 Stack, 120-240VAC, Gray 782979247081
Product # Description UPC
SLMB23N Dock Base, ½” NPT Adaptor 782979247128
SLMB23W Dock Base, Wall Mount 782979247111
SLM-RR Dock Base, Retaining Ring 782979236580
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Dock Base, Visor/Shield SLMB23V 782979247135
Cable gland, M20, Streamline modular, gray, 2 pack K77700416 782979390459
Cable gland, M20, Streamline modular, red, 2 pack K77700416-01 782979390466