The Informer Sensor Interface Unit (SIU) enhances notification capabilities by connecting to and controlling external devices and third-party equipment.  An Informer SIU automatically initiates predefined SmartMsg alerts by sensing changes in dry contact closure status resulting from a panic button or alarm system activation, PLC equipment failure, motion-sensor detection, pre-designated temperature-sensor settings, etc. Opto-isolated inputs enable each SIU to sense and monitor 16 different external devices simultaneously.  Upon activation, predefined SmartMsg alerts assigned to each relay input can be sent to notify individual users or groups.

SIUs provide the ability to simultaneously control and activate up to four devices or equipment through  receipt of a SmartMsg alert or activation of the relay through SmartMsg CenterPoint software.  The four output relays, which provide normally open or closed contacts, support tasks ranging from turning lights on/off to activating alarm systems, strobe lights, sirens, door locks and a host of other devices and equipment.

An SIU also enables SmartMsg users to be instantly notified of changes in the status of equipment and devices at local and remote locations.  A single SmartMsg alert can activate multiple SIUs in support of multi-site notifications, thereby making it the ideal solution for large industrial complexes, healthcare facilities, schools and university campuses and office buildings.


Power Requirements 8 - 30VDC, supplied with a 9VDC 108 - 128VAC, 60Hz wall transformer
Operating Current <360mA @ 12VDC
SIU Output 4 N.O/N.C relays with Maximum courage
250VAC/30VDC maximum current 10A
Wire size 16-24 AWG
SIU Input 16 _ surge protected, optically-isolated inputs
Wire size 16-24 AWG
Physical Dimensions 1.7" (H) x 14.0" (W) x 6.4"(D)
43.5mm x 355.6mm x163.6mm
Weight 2.5 lbs
Shipping Weight 4 lb
Operating Temperature Minimum -22 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 140 °F
Humidity Range 0-95%, non-condensing


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