RF100 UltraVoice® Compact Siren/Speaker

RF100 UltraVoice® Compact Siren/Speaker

  • Compact self-contained siren/speaker
  • Small size with rugged NEMA4X construction
  • Secure communications using Commander 128/256 bit encryption
  • Integrated UHF or VHF 2-way radio – requires an external antenna
  • Locally or remotely activated
  • Supervised using Commander 2-way
  • Outputs to drive external devices i.e. strobes
  • Configurable volume control
  • Programming over the air
  • Inputs for standalone and remote pushbuttons
  • Combine with DS100 for multi-direction system
  • Powered from 120/240 Vac or 24 Vdc
  • UL and cUL Listed
  • Flexible mounting arrangements including:
    • Wall/ceiling mount standard
    •  Small or large pole mount options
    • Omni-directional mount option

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  • Campus and schools for general notifications, active shooter and severe weather announcements
  • Industrial facilities for chemical release, security and evacuation purposes
  • Municipal locations where small systems may be preferred
  • Park and recreation areas for severe weather announcements
  • Fairgrounds for general and security announcements
  • Tsunami Evacuation zones where smaller systems are required
  • Construction sites for general announcements
  • Notifications for locations requiring temporary announcements
  • Economically extend warning coverage area to remote locations

Federal Signal is introducing a new innovative compact siren/speaker system. The RF100 is an addition to our current family of outdoor and indoor warning products. These warning products can work together as an integrated system or standalone for special applications. As an integrated system, the RF100 includes an UltraVoice® control board which performs the same functions as our full line of UltraVoice products. The RF100 can deliver the same high-quality voice announcements as our Modulator and DSA speaker systems. As a standalone device, the RF100 can be activated from an RF control point using 2-tone, DTMF, or Federal Signal’s line of digital encoders. The RF100 includes inputs for local activation and remote activation of other warning system devices. The RF100 uses our NEMA4x siren/speaker enclosure which contains a 2-way radio for control and supervision. In addition, a high powered amplifier, power supply, and UltraVoice control board are contained within the enclosure.

The RF100 is powered from 120/240 Vac or 24 Vdc. The siren/speaker can be ordered with either a VHF or UHF radio. An external antenna connection provides RF communication to our complete line of system control products including the SS2000+ web-enabled controller, our Commander PC controller (Commander®), and our cloud-based controller (CommanderOne®) with severe weather auto-activation capabilities. The RF100 has built-in high powered siren tones and can store digital voice or tone messages and can provide live PA. The RF100 provides outputs to drive external devices such as strobes or LED signaling devices. When powered by 24 Vdc the AC outputs are non-functional. The RF100 can be combined with DS100 amplified speakers to provide increased sound levels in one or multiple directions. RF100 is a flexible and unique product. Contact Federal Signal sales to discuss your application.

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  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level 120 dB (± 2 dB) @ 10’ (130 dB (± 2 dB) @ 1 m) @ 100 W
  • Operating Temperature: -40˚F to 140˚F / (-40˚C to 60˚C)
  • DTMF, MSK, 2tone or EAS decoders
  • AES and time encryption
  • Seven standard warning signals
  • 4000+ digitally stored voice/tone messages
  • Four, 1 Amp, AC powered solid state relay outputs
  • One 5 Amp, DC powered solid state relay output
  • Small size with rugged construction (W x L x D) 9.4 in x 8 in 12.6 in (239 mm x 203 mm x 320 mm)
  • RF100 Net Weight: approx. 21 lbs

Ordering Info

Model Types
RF100URadio Controlled Siren/Speaker (UHF)
RF100HRadio Controlled Siren/Speaker (VHF)
OMNI-XOmni Antenna (x = frequency dependent)
I-IP100-PMWLarge (over 6") Pole Mount Bracket
I-IP100-PMSmall (6" or less) Pole Mount Bracket
I-IP100-OMNIOmni Directional Option for IP Speaker
AMB-WAntenna bracket wall
AMB-PAntenna bracket pole
Replacement Parts
Kenwood Radio NX-700, VHFQ19900172A