SmartMsg RadioLink blends communications interoperability, alert notification, secure urgent messaging, and interactive data sharing into a seamless, stationary and/or portable software package. This approach to interoperable communications produces a complete solution which provides critical communications support for emergency preparedness and response, command and control, incident response, and continuity of operations across jurisdictions, agencies and first responders. Each of these capabilities can be used independently, or they can be used in conjunction to deliver a comprehensive, highly flexible, cost effective and easily expandable communications system.

RUI Radio Interoperability Unit

The SmartMsg RIU features embedded VoIP architecture to support simultaneous broadcast of text and voice alert notifications to two-way VHF and UHF radios, pagers, PA systems and other PTT devices, as well as cell phones, landlines, PCs and wireless PDAs. The RIU supports radios from different manufacturers across multiple bands and frequencies (including shortwave and P25 digital), and pre-defined talk groups. The SmartMsg RIU is a compact hardware appliance used with a standard PC running the SmartMsg Radiolink application. The SmartMsg Radiolink application automatically recognizes the presence of the RIUs and any connected radio. All devices are connected to the RIU via Federal Signal’s patented SmartCables, which identify the cable’s chip ID, the agency owning the cable and radio model settings. The cables automatically configure radio and agency-specific communications settings to ensure network security, and the VoIP architecture effectively enables each radio as a secure virtual repeater.

RIU+ Radio Interoperability Unit
The added processing capacity of a PC in a compact package. The integrated CPU delivers the necessary performance to run the SmartMsg server and RadioLink software on a Microsoft Windows® 7 system. Connectivity is provided via Ethernet, which allows remote radio systems to be linked into the SmartMsg system. Direct communication for notification is provided with the ability to bridge or conference other devices for real-time communications. The RIU+ features the same 4 port radio capability as the standard RIU but does not require a user-provided PC. The RIU+ can be either desk or 19” rack mounted.


  • No heat displacement
  • No venting requirements
  • Powered via PC USB port 
  • SmartCables auto ID an Agency’s Radio System
  • Talk Privileges and radio system settings 
  • SmartCables for deployment ease
  • Unlimited RIUs supported at incident site or across dispersed network
  • Cellular, satellite and private data wireless for bridged communications
Headline 1.380 in
Width 4.000 in
Depth 6.630 in
General Weight 12.600 in1 lb


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