For emergency illumination, the Federal Signal Night-Fighter® work light has the features you need. The Night-Fighter light is an integrated three-lamp area light with spot and flood light capability. A single, watertight switch activates the spotlight or the floodlight function.
Maneuvering the Night-Fighter light is easy. The entire unit can be hand-swiveled 360˚ horizontally, 90˚ upward, and 60° downward, and can be locked into position.
The latest versions, FL3SF-LC and FL3SF-R-LC, offer the same style and features of the original models but with a significant reduction in current draw. Model FL3SF-R-LC includes a remote switch and a 5-ft coil cord. The remote switch can be installed on the pump panel for an alternate means of activating the unit.
Both low-current Night-Fighter light models use an incandescent lamp in the center and 80-watt halogen lamps in the two outer modules. Each incandescent bulb houses an extra filament that illuminates when the Night-Fighter is in the spotlight mode. This additional filament creates a “spot” of increased light output directed to the center of the illuminated area.
Each halogen lamp can provide up to 100 hours of service life. The entire Night-Fighter light unit has a polished stainless steel housing that complements fire apparatus.
For additional capability, order the telescopic mount, model FL3TK-1, which can extend up to four feet.


Lamps: Incadescent Halogen Current Draw: Flood mode - 15 amps Spot mode - 19 amps Power: Flood mode - 600,000 candelas Spot mode - 750,000 candelas Voltage: 12.8 VDC Dim. (H x L x D): Night-Fighter unit - 15.3 in x 19.3 in x 6.3 in (38.7cm x 48.9cm x 15.9cm) Model FL3TK-1 (pole) - 47 in x 4.3 in x 4.3 in (119.4cm x 11.4cm x 11.4cm) Ship Weight: Night-Fighter unit - 13.0 lbs (5.9 kg) Model FL3TK-1 (pole) - 7.0 lbs (3.2 kg)