Federal Signal’s Model 100 rotating light is an economical, dependable beacon that has become an industry standard. Its sturdy design and effective warning capability make this light ideal for most applications.
Based on Federal Signal’s rigorous engineering standards, the Model 100 is designed to provide extremely reliable, long-life operation. In addition to extensive design testing, each light is individually tested prior to shipment to ensure quality.

The Model 100 features a stationary 55-watt halogen lamp with a rotating parabolic reflector. This assembly is mounted to a non-corrosive polycarbonate base using neoprene sleeves that absorb vibration. The entire unit is enclosed in an impact resistant dome.

Models are available with either 95, 120, or 175 flashes per minute (FPM) rotators and in 12 or 24 volt. Each light contains mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions for quick installation on any flat surface.

Accessories are available for specific applications. The model 447303 wire branch guard provides extra protection and the model 447302 vibration mount kit offers additional absorption. A self-leveling bracket, model 210880-01 is also available.


Voltage 12.8 VDC
Amp Draw 4.3 @ 12 VDC
2.1 @ 24 VDC
Flash Rate 95, 120, or 175 FRM
Candela 80,000
Dim. (HxD) 7.31 in (18.6 cm) x 8.42 in (21.4 cm)
Ship Weight 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg)

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description
442112-02 Permanent mount, Amber; -03(Blue);- 04(Red); -05(Clear); -06(Green), 12VDC, 175 FPM
442114-02 Permanent mount, Amber; -03(Blue); -04(Red); -05(Clear); -06(Green), 24VDC, 175 FPM
443113-02 Permanent mount, Amber; -03(Blue); -04(Red); -05(Clear); -06(Green), 12VDC, 120 FPM
443112-02 Permanent mount, Amber; -03(Blue); -04(Red); -05(Clear); -06(Green), 12VDC, 95 FPM
443212-02 Magnetic mount, Amber, 12VDC, 95 FPM
443312-02 Magnetic mount, replacement bulb, Amber, 12VDC, 95 FPM
443612-02 “Model 101”, permanent mount, mounting pad, Amber, 12VDC, 95 FPM
443712-02 Permanent mount, long-life bulb, mounting pad, Amber, 12VDC, 95 FPM
443114-02 Permanent mount, Amber; -03(Blue); -04(Red); -05(Clear), 24VDC, 95 FPM
443314-02 Permanent mount, replacement bulb, Amber, 24VDC, 95 FPM
Product # Description
210880-01 Self-leveling bracket
447302 Kit, vibration mount
447303 Branch guard