Federal Signal’s Litestak® status indicator may include up to five light modules (Model LSL) available in Amber, Blue, Clear, Green and Red; or four light modules plus an optional sound module (Model LSH) to create a dual purpose audible/visual status indicator. The sound module always occupies the top position of a Litestak unit.
Litestak’s lensing provides a 360° visual signal. Individual light modules may be set to either flash or steady. The flasher is included with the 120VAC LSB model and sold separately for 24VDC. Each light module consists of two impact-resistant polycarbonate lens halves that snap apart to provide easy maintenance and interchangeability of colors.
Litestak units can be installed on a 3/4-inch NPT pipe mount or surface mounted with the Model LSB Base. If low profile surface mounting is required, Model LSBS is available. All Litestak models should be mounted base down. 
Multiple lens colors can communicate machine shutdown, shortage of materials, supervisor attention, etc. Ideal applications for the Litestak include assembly lines, instrument panels, workcells, etc. Federal Signal’s Litestak is an economical device for increasing productivity in any manufacturing environment.


Voltage 24VDC
120VAC 50/60Hz
Operating Current 0.76 Amps at 24VDC
0.13 Amps at 120VAC 50/60Hz
Light Source/Lamp Style Incandescent
Lamp Life 2,500 Hours
Candela 123
Operating Temperature Minimum 0 °F
Operating Temperature Maximum 120 °F
Enclosure Rating Type 1
Dome Colors Amber
Net Weight
LSL 0.50 lb
LSB 0.75 lb
Shipping Weight
LSL 0.80 lb
LSB 1 lb
LSL 3.250 in
LSB 3.250 in
LSL 3.930 in
LSB 3.930 in

Ordering Information

Model Types
Model Description UPC
LSL-024A Litestak light module, 24VDC, amber 782979268048
LSL-024B Litestak light module, 24VDC, blue 782979268093
LSL-024C Litestak light module, 24VDC, clear 782979268147
LSL-024G Litestak light module, 24VDC, green 782979268192
LSL-024R Litestak light module, 24VDC, red 782979268246
LSL-120A Litestak light module, 120VAC, amber 782979268055
LSL-120B Litestak light module, 120VAC, blue 782979268109
LSL-120C Litestak light module, 120VAC, clear 782979268154
LSL-120G Litestak light module, 120VAC, green 782979268208
LSL-120R Litestak light module, 120VAC, red 782979268253
LSB-024-240 Litestak base, 24-240VAC/DC 782979268024
LSB-120 Litestak base, 120VAC 782979268000
Replacement Parts
Description Part Number UPC
Kit, Litestak Lens And Snap Rivets K844700352A 782979127970
Lamp, Incandescent, 30V, 27W K8107210A 782979118831
Lamp, Incandescent, Litestak, 15W, 120V K8107194A 782979116431
Lamp, Incandescent, 240VAC K8107A149A 782979106388
Flasher K8285237A 782979114802
Flasher K8285239A 782979112389